One of the key strategies for achieving decarbonisation is through energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. Embracing this strategy not only benefits the planet but also presents opportunities for cost savings, enhanced reputation, and improved stakeholder engagement. Ultimately, creating a sustainable future in pharmaceuticals requires a collective commitment to cleaner energy practices and a greener approach to operations.

Here’s how energy efficiency and renewable energy can contribute to sustainability in the pharmaceutical sector:

  • On-Site Renewable Energy Systems: Wind turbines and solar panels have become popular for generating renewable energy. Paired with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)to store excess energy, your facility can become almost entirely reliant on renewable energy. However, integrating them with the existing electrical network can be unpredictable and difficult to manage. Our services can ensure seamless integration and business continuity.
  • Energy Management Systems and Monitoring: Implementing energy management systems like PME enables real-time monitoring and control of energy usage within your facilities. PME collects and analyses energy data, providing insights into consumption patterns and identifying opportunities for optimization. By actively monitoring energy usage and implementing energy-saving measures based on data-driven insights, companies can achieve continuous improvements in energy efficiency.
  • Efficiency Measures: Using the data collected from PME your energy auditor will assess energy consumption patterns and identify opportunities for improvement. We can work with your energy auditor to ensure any upgrades to energy-efficient equipment are installed and commissioned correctly, and that the system is optimised for safety and efficiency, and that we can improve reliability should we identify any power quality issues. 
  • Collaborations and Industry Partnerships: Partnering with energy experts like Premium Power, ensures you receive knowledge and advice on industry best practices, resources, and standards. We can provide valuable guidance that will accelerate the adoption of sustainable technologies, and establish industry-wide benchmarks for energy efficiency.

To get started on your journey to decarbonisation speak to our engineers today.