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Our team of experienced electrical and power system engineers can offer you a range of services to meet the needs of your data center. Whether you just need day-to-day asset management, troubleshooting, renewable integration, or planning an expansion we can help.

Some of our most popular services include:

  • Power System Analysis
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Protection Coordination
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Power Monitoring Systems
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Load Flow & Short Circuit


Our team of experienced electrical and power system engineers use ETAP and SKM modelling software to construct a digital twin replica of your electrical network in order to optimise the design, simulation, monitoring, control, and automation of your power system. Depending on the outcomes or information you require we can conduct any number of the specialised studies we offer.


Premium Power is the official solution provider and distributor of Schaffner power quality products for Ireland and the UK. Our expertise lies in the power quality field and mitigation of harmonics. We offer a range of products from their Ecosine Active Filter range, Passive Filter range, and Reactor range. The the main purpose of all products is to mitigate harmonics, however, each takes a different approach, so our team is on hand to provide expert advice and help you choose the best solution for your needs. Offering a complete service, we can commission the equipment supplied and perform suitable PQ studies to validate performance of the equipment.

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Arc flash incidents can cause serious harm to electrical workers and damage valuable equipment on site. Our team of highly trained engineers are experienced in conducting Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Arc Flash Studies, Arc Flash Mitigation solutions and specialised Arc Flash Training. We work with all size facilities across many industries to introduce and maintain Arc Flash safety.

Using proven software tools, our engineers calculate the prospective arc incident energy levels along electrical networks. Armed with this data, they assess the risks and identify the preventative and protective measures necessary to protect workers, electrical infrastructure and processes.

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Large scale facilities have come around to the benefits of incorporating power monitoring systems as part of their process control as well as the standard building management systems. We can work with you to get the best from your power monitoring system, commissioning and verifying the energy and power systems for compliance with EN 16247-1 for energy audits.

Premium Power are one of few companies to achieve the coveted EcoXpert Master Partner status from Schneider Electric for our Critical Power systems and solutions. Receiving this certification demonstrates our expertise in designing and deploying of energy management systems, implementing advanced metering networks, power quality management and world-class software tools to assist large and critical sites manage energy costs, improve the reliability of their electrical systems and optimise equipment performance.

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Case study
Solving Harmonic issues with Schaffner Active Filters
The Challenge

Power quality analysis carried out by Premium Power identified harmonic issues for one of our pharmaceutical clients, based in Ireland.
Our client experienced variable frequency drives failures and was concerned about a significant reduction to the lifespan of other electrical equipment onsite, as well as issues complying with the European Standard IEC61000-2-4.
Our solution was to install Schaffner Active Harmonic Filter in eight different locations across the site.

The Solution

Since the deployment of the units, a significant reduction in the voltage harmonics has been measured, assuring that the Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion is less than 5%, as required by the aforementioned standard.
Furthermore, thanks to the Schaffner active harmonic filter capability to target individual current harmonics, these have drastically been reduced and the client will not have increased costs due to the lifespan of their electrical equipment being shortened.

Arc Flash
case study
Arc Flash Study Using NEN3140 Standard
The Challenge

One of our Data Centre clients in Ireland needed to get an Arc Flash Study done at their Netherlands plant. This was quite a large site with almost 300 boards to be assessed.
A careful evaluation of current onsite documentation was required to ensure there were no gaps when building the model.
Our engineers carried out a full survey of the electrical infrastructure including MV/LV equipment, power transformers, backup generators, motors, cables, and protection equipment.

The Solution

We built a model from this information using SKM software. Once complete we were able to calculate the arc flash values in Cal/cm2 for every point in the network according to NEN3140. This identified all the high-energy areas that were at risk of arc flash.
We were able to bring all onsite arc flash levels to below 8 Cals/cm2 through protection coordination setting changes and recommended certain hardware changes. Our suggested changes were implemented resulting in a safer working environment. We also recommended the wearing of non-intrusive arc flash PPE for electrical workers.

case study
Voltage Study for Large Data Centre
The Challenge

A client noticed some unusual operational issues that were cause for concern, specifically with their backup generators transfer sequence in the event of utility parameter variations. They had also observed that the predefined equipment set thresholds were also contributing to these undesirable operational issues at the site. Unresolved, this had the potential to impact the reliability of the system and increase downtime which for this particular client would result in losses of millions. Being such a big energy user, it also raised concerns with TSO because the fluctuations they were experiencing were having a knock-on effect on the wider grid.

The Solution

After much deliberation, our power quality team developed a strategy that required the gathering of load data from the site in real-time and inputting this into a model. The model would then be subjected to a range of different over and undervoltage conditions, switching scenarios etc, the aim being to simulate the behaviour and static response of the data centre to identify what was causing the issues. The results of the simulations were then compared with the values seen on site and the model was adjusted to reflect the real behaviour of the system. This is extremely difficult to do and not common practice, but we were able to achieve an error margin of approximately 0.25%.

case study
Grid Connection Study for Battery Energy Storage System
The Challenge

Recently, we performed a grid connection study for one of our large data center clients who was looking to install a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) on their site.
The goal of the study was to examine whether the data center would still be grid compliant after the addition of the proposed BESS. Due to their size this site is a large consumer of power, any changes to their mode of operation sparks a keen interest from the local utility provider to ensure it does not adversely affect the local grid.

The Solution

Using the DigSilent modelling tool we evaluated the various modes of operation made possible by the BESS and how the power supply reacted to different operational scenarios as set out by the utility. Frequency response, reactive and active power response, and fault ride-through capability were all evaluated.
We concluded that the addition of a BESS at this particular site would not impact the client's ability to comply with grid requirements. The utility provider was satisfied with the results and the client can now confidently proceed with their plans to install the BESS.

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