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Hardware Solutions
Optimising Performance, Enhancing Safety, and Ensuring Seamless Operation.
Energy powers our world but the way we distribute it is changing to reflect the need for 24/7 power.
With increased demands and more complex networks, more advanced solutions are needed to protect equipment. Through efficient design and modelling, we can supply, configure and project manage the installation of your bespoke hardware solution.
Our range of hardware solutions includes protection relays, arc flash relays, energy & power quality meters, and harmonic filters.
Using power system studies we can determine the correct bespoke hardware solutions for you and explore suppliers to find your the best option.
Premium Power can design, supply and install an appropriate system to suit your specific needs and ensure you get a return on your investment.
Power Monitoring Expert
Our power monitoring system
PME is the total package for power system monitoring and asset management. Monitoring, analysing, and reporting on equipment around your site. PME gives you total control and oversight of your facility.
Simplify reporting and compliance with energy efficiency and green building standards EN 16247-1 and DS3 System Services.
Manage assets in real-time with access to master records for quick troubleshooting and decision-making.
Integration with your renewable on-site power generation for easy management and control.
Electrical Network Design
As advocates for the promotion of safe, reliable, and efficient electrical systems. Having honed our expertise in enhancing and optimising our clients’ electrical networks, we are thrilled to offer clients a comprehensive service encompassing the design, planning, and implementation of electrical and mechanical systems that adhere to the highest standards of functionality, safety, and energy efficiency.
Our electrical design services adopt a holistic approach to system design and planning.
Our design services prioritise safety compliance and risk mitigation by strictly adhering to industry standards and regulations.
In an era emphasising sustainable practices and energy conservation, our electrical design services play a crucial role in promoting energy efficiency.
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In our ever-demanding world where uninterrupted power is essential, the complexity of networks and the need for advanced solutions to safeguard equipment have never been greater. Our expertise lies in providing tailored hardware solutions, from supply to configuration and project management, ensuring efficient design and seamless integration with onsite systems. 

As an independent supplier, we prioritise your needs above all else, selecting the best devices to suit your specific requirements. With a commitment to excellence, we offer unbiased recommendations and unparalleled support, ensuring that your systems operate at peak performance, now and into the future.


Enhanced Safety

Upgrade your electrical systems’ safety with our latest range of MV relays, offering a wide array of protective functions and communication protocols, including EN51860. These relays detect faults, protect personnel, processes, and assets, provide selective tripping, mitigate arc flash incidents, enable remote monitoring, and comply with safety standards.

Safeguarding Systems

Our solutions come equipped with built-in features to protect against cyber threats, including secure communication protocols and authentication mechanisms.

Enhancing Efficiency

Integrate protective devices with PME or Power Scada for efficient operation. This integration enhances feedback, facilitates quick troubleshooting, minimizes downtime, and contributes to energy efficiency and system reliability.


Ensuring Business Continuity

Integrate arc flash relays into your network for improved over-current protection discrimination, reducing the magnitude of arcing events and mitigating downtime and costly repairs. Prioritise safety, protect assets and maintain productivity.

Safety of Personnel

Reduces the severity of arc flash events which can result in severe burns, blast injuries, and even fatalities to personnel working on or near electrical equipment.

Compliance with Regulations

The Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Regulations 2007 defines danger as electrical explosions and arcing and puts an onus on the employer to do everything reasonably practicable to avoid danger.


Safeguarding Assets

Enhance your protection system capability and safeguard your assets. Our modern numeric trip units enhance protection system capabilities, offering ease of adjustment, multiple stages of protection curves, and connectivity features.


Integrate protective devices seamlessly with PME or Power Scada to enhance feedback from the protection system. This integration enables additional measurement points across your network, facilitating quick troubleshooting and failure identification. Moreover, it significantly improves energy efficiency, optimises system performance, and enhances power quality.

Safety & Compliance

Activate low arc modes and arc detection systems to enhance safety measures. As an employer, it’s your legal obligation under The Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Regulations 2007 to implement necessary protective and preventive measures. These measures aim to reasonably ensure that individuals in the workplace are safeguarded from risks that may compromise their safety, health, or welfare.


ION Meters

Schneiders range of meters are robust, customisable devices with many variations to suit any need you may have. They have a variety of capabilities that can be tailored to your specific needs and integrated with PME for simplified reporting and detailed insights.


A. Eberle power meters (PQ-Box series) are valued for their precision, reliability, and comprehensive functionality, making them essential tools for professionals managing electrical systems and ensuring power quality.


The PQube 3 is a compact, cost effective, modular device that can detect power quality issues such as voltage spikes, swells, sags, harmonic disturbances, and power interruptions. With its vast capabilities and the expert knowledge of our engineers we can create a metering system specific to your site and its power quality analysis requirements.


Schaffner Filters

Safeguard your electrical systems, enhance efficiency, and elevate performance by eliminating undesired harmonics. Schaffner filters are fully customisable, and modular in design which we can size to suit your needs now and in the future.

Schneider Filters

Seamlessly integrating with PME and Power Scada, these filters ensure compatibility and effortless installation, optimising energy efficiency with advanced control algorithms. Scalable and adaptable, Schneider Harmonic Filters evolve with your system’s needs, providing comprehensive solutions for today and tomorrow.

Reactive Power

Designed to optimise power factor, voltage stability, and grid reliability we offer a wide range of reactive power compensation systems from several manufacturers that can be tailored to your systems requirements. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and flexibility, these solutions offer improved energy utilisation, reduce losses, avoid resonance conditions, and ensure optimal operation of your electrical networks.


Through comprehensive power system studies such as load flow analysis, harmonic analysis, PQ surveys, and site surveys, we can design a custom solution that enhances your network’s performance. Our expertise guarantees that each component is handpicked to meet the specific requirements of your site. As an independent supplier we will analyse what is available in the market and select the best possible solution to meet your requirements and your budget.


  • Load Flow Study – Adequately size hardware to suit site needs now and in the future
  • Harmonic Analysis – Harmonics level evaluation according to the relevant standards to select the optimum filtration solution. 
  • Digital Twin – Combining modelling with input data from the power monitoring system to achieve  real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimisation of the system. 
  • Arc Flash Study – Arc flash evaluation and labels to reduce incident energy. 
  • Protection Coordination Study – Protection settings to ensure correct tripping sequence
  • Maintenance Strategy – Ensuring maintenance schedules are met for equipement we provide
  • Project Management – A partner to ensure installation runs seamlessly and is commissioned correctly.

FEATURED CASE STUDY Large Scale Active Harmonic Filtering for Bio Pharma

Our client had experienced an increased failure rate with its sensitive equipment. Using a series of ION power quality meters that we had previously installed on site we were able to understand the severity and nature of the harmonic problem and design a solution that consisted of 8 Schaffner harmonic filters which were integrated into PME to monitor performance in real-time.

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"We are seeing increasing numbers of cases like this where the injection of harmonic currents adversely affects the site's sensitive equipment. Power quality monitoring is critical for pinpointing exactly where these problems lie. Our extensive design experience allows us to design, install and commission solutions to alleviate these problems for our client. Once installed we continue to monitor the site until we are confident all issues have been resolved."

Alan O'KellyDirector


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