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Since 2001, we have been advising our customers on how best to manage their electrical systems to meet the demands of the processes it supplies. Our expert engineers understand the challenging needs of the renewable industry and can apply this knowledge to provide practical solutions to your complex problems. By utilising a wide range of cutting-edge software we deliver solutions tailored to your needs.

Some of our most popular solutions include:

  • Power Monitoring Systems
  • DS3 Monitoring and Reporting
  • Power Quality Meters
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Grid Compliance
  • Power Quality
  • Feasibility Studies


Large scale facilities have come around to the benefits of incorporating power monitoring systems as part of their process control as well as the standard building management systems. We can work with you to get the best from your power monitoring system, commissioning and verifying the energy and power systems for compliance with EN 16247-1 for energy audits.

Premium Power are one of few companies to achieve the coveted EcoXpert Master Partner status from Schneider Electric for our Critical Power systems and solutions. Receiving this certification demonstrates our expertise in designing and deploying of energy management systems, implementing advanced metering networks, power quality management and world-class software tools to assist large and critical sites manage energy costs, improve the reliability of their electrical systems and optimise equipment performance.

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Under DS3, renewable energy producers are required to monitor and provide comprehensive reporting on their power production to EirGrid or SONI. The report must provide detailed figures in a number of areas which are explained below. Due to the fluctuations associated with renewable production financial incentives are offered to those who can prove their compliance, balance these fluctuations and meet the demand on the grid.

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As certified EcoXperts by Schneider Electric and as the first to introduce the ION brand of power quality meters to Ireland we have become experts in sourcing, installing, and analysing the energy and power activities of our customer’s sites. We offer a wide range of niche metering solutions to suit any need you may have.

We provide a complete service from start to finish initially advising you on the most suitable metering for your particular locations and load requirements. We then connect the accredited power monitoring system and customise for optimum value from the investment. Bespoke energy reports, billing, budgeting and analysis can all be provided and accredited to ISO50001.


We can assist your business with grid compliance and dynamic modelling when connecting to the grid. We also help with updating networks, and specialise in ensuring wind farms/renewable generation are grid compliant.
We conduct grid compliance studies using the industry recognised software packages. We do this through:

  • RoCoF studies
  • Load flow and reactive power curves
  • Fault ride through studies
  • Frequency response and dynamic analysis
  • System modeling and data capture
  • Harmonic studies of network and generation technologies
  • P28 voltage dip and flicker studies
Case study
DS3 Monitoring & Reporting for ESB
The Challenge

EirGrid required detailed reporting in a number of predefined network scenarios. Generators must meet very specific performance criteria when responding to network events. These events such as Fast Frequency Response (FFR), Fast Post Fault Active Power Recover (FPFAPR) and Reserve Response events such as Primary Operating Response (POR) require accurate and high speed recording and reporting of data.

The Solution

Having previously worked with ESB Distributed Generation, we were familiar with their generation portfolio and they knew of our expertise in the areas of power monitoring.
We were able to recommend and install a customised, advanced monitoring solution. Our solutions integrate with local SCADA systems to provide common timestamping on all relevant data.

case study
Battery Energy Storage System for Large Data Centre
The Challenge

The goal of the study was to examine whether the data center would still be grid compliant after the addition of the proposed BESS. Due to their size this site is a large consumer of power, any changes to their mode of operation sparks a keen interest from the local utility provider to ensure it does not adversely affect the local grid.

The Solution

Using the DigSilent modelling tool we evaluated the various modes of operation made possible by the BESS and how the power supply reacted to different operational scenarios as set out by the utility. Frequency response, reactive and active power response and fault ride through capability were all evaluated.

cork wind
case study
Wind Energy Connections - Cork Lower Harbour Energy Group
The Challenge

Three of these large industrial sites plus one large third party site shared a common supply from ESB networks. The design of the electrical system was complicated by the fact that these large scale wind turbines were being connected to industrial sites that contained mission critical processes, where interruption to the electrical supply could result in huge financial losses.

The Solution

We completed the NC5 applications, harmonic resonance and transient stability studies and load flow and short circuit analysis for the site. We presented a preliminary design for the provision of harmonic and transformer inrush mitigation. We also provided comprehensive power quality monitoring and alarming system, controls for turbine power management, generator testing and emergency procedures. A detailed design, supply, and commission of pre-insertion resistor (transformer inrush mitigation) was also provided.

ds3 & bess
case study
DS3 Monitoring & Reporting with a BESS
The Challenge

As their trusted electrical engineering consultants, this client approached us wanting to introduce a Battery Energy Storage System ( BESS) into their network to store the energy being produced by their renewable power sources (solar or wind), so that they could then either use this power onsite themselves or export it back to the grid. Doing so posed implications with harmonics as well as a requirement to comply with DS3 System Services.

The Solution

Having helped clients meet their DS3 requirements before, we knew the best approach was to supply and commission a number of our ION9000 power meters with a DS3 framework built in and place them on the network. This custom framework enables the meter to detect DS3 events as they occur, which then triggers a real-time report that will be automatically sent to the system owners.
In addition, the ION9000 also has harmonic analysis capabilities which we were able to enable for this client as well, this is useful when performing harmonic studies.

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