At Premium Power we are committed to positively impacting people’s lives through corporate giving and supporting quality initiatives. As much as we can, we focus our efforts on charitable causes operating in our local community. We are advocates for the physical and mental health benefits of sports and try to choose charities preferred by our employees aiming for a mix of local community, national and international causes. Year on year our team volunteers their time to improve our fundraising initiatives and raise awareness of the worthy causes we are involved with.


Today’s students will discover solutions to tomorrow’s problems and we are committed to improving science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects in schools and further education. We want to open young minds to the exciting possibilities within STEM. We engage with local schools and partner with colleges offering students work experience, paid internships and invaluable training and exposure to real world engineering projects with global clients. Participating in fairs and events that support STEM nationally we host talks sharing knowledge and our employees career experiences, encouraging students to ask questions, take part in activities and explore the possibilities.


Premium Power is committed to making an impact where we live and work, supporting local jobs and engaging with local community groups. We encourage our employees to strive for a healthy work-life balance, promoting physical and mental health through resources and team activities. Where possible we engage with local businesses for these resources and encourage employees to develop links within the community to further promote local enterprises.


Although the activities of Premium Power have minimal waste generation or significant adverse environmental impacts, it is company policy to minimise all adverse environmental impacts in line with the need for sustainable development. Our aim is to develop and maintain sustainable procedures to minimise environmental impact particularly by committing to carbon reduction, efficient energy and water management, consumption of materials and resources, and following best practice in waste management. 

We actively promote and support, through our services to the wider business community, electrical energy efficiency and the substitution of renewable energy sources for non-renewable energy sources. The environmental benefits of these services are reduced consumption of natural resources and environmental pollution, not least the reduced emission of greenhouse gases, but also through the prevention of waste in-process.