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Reducing Arc Flash Incident Energy – Arc Relays

How to reduce the severity of an arc flash event by over 80% even in areas of tight protection coordination constraints   Arc flash levels also known as Incident energy ...

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Lockout Tagout, are you up to date?

Upgrading your energy processes on site? Has it been captured in your LOTO procedures? Controlling Your Hazards – Keeping it up to date is vital! When we take a closer ...

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Understanding Arc Flash mitigation

The definition of mitigation is ‘to make milder, less severe or less violent.’ When applied to electrical workplace safety, arc flash mitigation involves taking steps to minimise the level of ...

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clients arc flash journey

The client’s journey to electrical safety

What is Arc Flash? An Arc Flash is an explosive release of energy caused by an electrical short circuit between two energised conductors or an energised conductor and earth. The ...

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Frequently asked questions about Arc Flash

What is an arc flash? An arc flash is an explosive release of thermal energy including brilliant light, dangerous sound levels and sometimes a blast pressure wave. It is primarily ...

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good power quality

Power Quality – reasons your facility may be suffering from poor power quality

Power quality is often defined as the electrical network’s ability to supply a clean and stable power supply. Good quality ideally creates a perfect power supply that is always available, has a pure noise-free sinusoidal ...

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electrical network

Five ways to protect your electrical network against extreme weather events

In the aftermath of hurricane Ophelia, which hit Ireland this week and devastated electrical networks across the country, utilities and businesses are counting the cost of the clean-up operation. 350,000 ...

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Premium Power Engineering Graduate Programme

Student Spotlight: “Problem solving is the core of engineering. Real problems are challenging, and never straight forward.”

Premium Power take on a number of students and graduates throughout the year. In this Student Spotlight series we hear from students at the end of their internship about their ...

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Arc flash and PPE

Arc Flash and PPE Three things to know when calculating arc flash hazard

Premium Power’s Barry Nicholson considers PPE and arc flash hazard – what do you need to know to ensure your personal protective clothing matches the risk presented? 1. PPE – ...

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Arc Flash and Isolation

2nd Arc Flash & Isolation Safety Conference – Manchester UK

  The  2nd Arc Flash & Isolation Safety Conference organised by IDC Technologies was held in the Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester last week. The objective of this conference was to ...

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Switchgear Doors - What level of protection do they offer?

Switchgear doors – what level of protection do they offer?

Pat MacNally, Premium Power’s Compliance Manager considers the issue of switchgear doors and how much protection they may offer a worker during an electrical arcing incident. During our work as ...

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Arc Flash Risk Assessment and PPE

When addressing electrical safety there is sometimes the perception – I just need training or I just need arc flash labels or I just need to know what PPE to purchase. ...

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