As the global push for reducing CO2 emissions intensifies, many large energy consumers are implementing extensive energy efficiency programs to meet sustainability goals. These programs often involve the adoption of energy-saving technologies and onsite generation methods like solar PV systems and wind turbines.

While these measures offer significant environmental benefits, they can inadvertently lead to power quality issues within facilities. Onsite generation, particularly inverter-based systems like PV and wind turbines, introduces fluctuations in voltage and frequency that may impact the reliability of sensitive electrical equipment.

Furthermore, the widespread deployment of energy management strategies often involves the installation of power electronics such as variable speed drives, diode bridges, non-detuned capacitor banks, and electronic lighting ballasts. These devices, while crucial for energy efficiency, can contribute to harmonic distortion and other power quality problems.

In facilities where electronic loads are prevalent, even minor power fluctuations can lead to significant disruptions and downtime. Unplanned outages can incur substantial costs, potentially outweighing the anticipated savings from energy management initiatives.

The spectrum of power quality issues includes harmonic distortion, short and long power interruptions, transients, surges, flicker, unbalance, under/over voltages, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues. Identifying and addressing these problems is crucial to maintaining the reliability and performance of electrical systems.

Premium Power offers a range of power quality services to help businesses mitigate these issues effectively.

  • Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of power quality parameters enables the identification of problem areas and the extent of harmonic distortion and other power quality issues.
  • Modeling: Utilising advanced tools like ETAP or SKM, digital twins of facilities can be created, allowing scenario analysis to anticipate and mitigate harmonic problems before they arise due to new builds, network changes, or equipment additions.
  • Mitigation: Based on data gathered through monitoring and modeling, Premium Power offers tailored solutions ranging from passive and active harmonic filtering to dynamic voltage regulators (DVRs) and other advanced mitigation techniques. Their expert engineering services ensure the effective implementation and optimisation of these solutions.

By addressing power quality challenges proactively, businesses can minimise downtime, enhance equipment reliability, and maximise the benefits of their energy efficiency programs while meeting sustainability goals.

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