According to the 2023 Global Climate Report from NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, every month of 2023 ranked among the 7 warmest for that month, and the months in the second half of the year (June-December) were each the hottest on record. In July, August, and September, global temperatures were more than 1.0°C (1.8°F) above the long-term average—the first time in NOAA’s record any month has breached that threshold. 

These statistics are concerning and highlight why we are so passionate about helping our clients optimise their power systems with sustainable solutions. 

Industries with high energy consumption, such as data centres, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturing sites, face the challenge of balancing energy efficiency with operational reliability. Often, these objectives seem at odds with each other. This is where we come in. With over 20 years of experience in working with power systems globally, we specialise in implementing sustainable solutions without compromising reliability and safety.

Here’s how we can assist:

  • Renewable Energy Integration -Integrating renewable power sources has become a crucial strategy for achieving sustainable energy management. Harnessing the potential of solar, wind, hydropower, and other renewable resources can not only reduce carbon emissions but also contribute to a more resilient and efficient energy infrastructure. Through advanced power monitoring technology, we track on-site activity to create real-time models of your power system. Analysing different operating scenarios allows us to design tailored sustainable solutions for the successful integration of renewable power.
  • Power Quality Analysis –  Energy management strategies often involve the installation of power electronics such as variable speed drives, diode bridges, non-detuned capacitor banks, and electronic lighting ballasts. These devices, while crucial for energy efficiency, can contribute to harmonic distortion and other power quality problems. What we recommend to combat this issue is to conduct a power quality survey on-site. By placing temporary meters on site we can identify where there might be harmonic distortion, short and long power interruptions, transients, surges, flicker, unbalance, under/over voltages, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues. Identifying and addressing these problems is crucial to maintaining the reliability and performance of electrical systems. Using the data we can then recommend solutions to mitigate, such as active and passive harmonic filters and reactive power compensators. 
  • DS3 Monitoring and Reporting: If you have onsite generation or storage and are looking to participate in DS3 system services provision, Premium Power can help. We supply a customised meter and power monitoring system that meets the DS3 monitoring and reporting requirements. This system captures and reports the data necessary to meet the requirements (frequency response, voltage control, and grid stability) to demonstrate your compliance with the necessary standards.
  • Energy Monitoring: Premium Power is a master EcoXpert partner in the PME power system. This system allows powerful energy monitoring and reporting of power meters as well as diverse electrical assets on your site. We have delivered world-class energy monitoring systems to many of Ireland’s and Europe’s leading sites. We can integrate WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, and Steam) data for your site and provide total insight into all your energy needs.
  • Collaborations and Industry Partnerships: Partnering with energy experts like Premium Power, ensures you receive knowledge and advice on industry best practices, resources, and standards. We can provide valuable guidance that will accelerate the adoption of sustainable technologies, and establish industry-wide benchmarks for energy efficiency.

If you’re ready to enhance your energy efficiency measures, schedule a call with one of our experts and begin the journey to a more sustainable future.

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