Fully Customisable Dashboard

A snapshot of your facility, get instant real-time data on power usage, monitor any renewable power generation you have on-site, utilities, power quality events, UPS systems, and much more. From here you can navigate around your site accessing SLD’s, reports, and asset documentation. It gives you the ability to drill down into the data further to identify issues and their cause to ensure better decision-making. Armed with this tool you get total oversight of your facility from any remote location.

Access your SLD’s and asset documentation
Keep track of events like sags, swells, harmonics, etc.
Live status updates on your UPS system
Easy to use navigation panel
See what your renewable power is generating
Utility usage
Total Demand

Renewable Power Integration

If you have or are thinking of introducing some form of renewable power generation (Solar, Wind, Battery Energy Storage (BESS)), you will need access to real-time data to ensure you’re getting value from your investment.  See what you are producing, and what that converts to in terms of your key KPI metrics. In addition, it can be used to ensure your compliance with DS3 system services. Tracking the specific metrics required for DS3 PME automatically produces your reports for EirGrid proving you meet all the obligations. 

Energy your solar panels are generating
Energy required by the site
Key Metrics
What the power generated equates to

In addition to being able to track and monitor your renewable power, Premium Power can develop custom solutions using PME that gives a site total control over how renewable power is being used. Taking a wind turbine as an example, through a series of meters and custom logic we’re able to determine the power required to run your facility, or a certain area of your facility, and communicate that to the wind turbine. This ensures that renewable power isn’t exported to the grid without utility agreement.

Energy being produced by the wind turbine
Energy coming from the grid
What’s required to power site

Asset Management

More than just a monitoring system.  PME can be used as an asset library. PME can allow the tracking of live data directly on your SLD’s. Additionally it can facilitate the storage and access to your asset documentation while at the location. Using a QR code on the equipment you have on-site, which can then be scanned using your phone or tablet to get instant access to manuals, cable sizing, transformer documentation, and anything else that relates to that particular piece of equipment. Troubleshooting or queries can be solved at any time without having to postpone to find the documentation required. PME can be your power monitoring system and asset management tool all in one.

Live data from equipment around your site
Live Breaker status
Access to all your asset documentation

 If you are interested in learning more about PME or wish to get a demo of the system contact our team today on 01 8105032, or via the links below.

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