Alan O’Kelly, Premium Power’s Project Development Director reports on a recent trip to Finland to take a look at Alstom / GE’s latest product ranges and developments 

What do you think of when you think of Finland? Sauna? Reindeer? Nokian Capacitors? Well it’s the latter for us here at Premium Power, particularly after our few days spent up north to attend the bi-annual Alstom Partners meeting in Tampere, Finland last week.

The event is held in order to bring Alstom / GE Partners up to speed on the latest company and product developments. It was a great opportunity to meet many of the international partners and to swap ideas, discuss trends and experience some great Finnish hospitality. Myself and Engineering Director Michal Sopocko, who has vast experience in providing filtering solutions to industry in the UK and in Ireland were really looking forward to our visit.

Here are three things we learned in Finland:

  • Delivery Times are improving

Alstom / GE have made a huge effort to improve on delivery times of active and passive filters on offer. This was the top of the agenda item discussed and we were told this is being achieved through a massive investment in manufacturing capacity globally.

While delivery times are down, quality standards are still to the very highest standard. Demonstrating this the Alstom team gave us some super case studies. The first addressed harmonic problems at a leading automotive facility. Active harmonic filtering solutions were used to address these problems.  This project was delivered in record time. The second, in conjunction with Polish partner Taurus Technic, showed a complete and very effective deployment of a passive filter at a wind facility.

  • Solutions for an evolving Grid

Electrical transmission and distribution networks are facing increasing challenges in integrating large amounts of renewable energy sources while remaining reliable. It is quite clear that the need to design and deploy world class solutions using passive and active power solutions is become a more critical over time.

FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System) are critical in helping modern grids meet the challenges of delivering reliable cost effective supply and this was well discussed at our meeting. Alstom’s solution capability includes a completely reworked STATCOM system as well as more traditional SVC systems. These are designed for large sites operating up to 380 kV.

  • Investing in the future

GE unveiled the future development plans of their product portfolio. This includes enhancements across the full portfolio range including bringing older (but very reliable) components into line with up to date technology interfaces.

The ongoing investment in high quality solutions by Alstom / GE means that their partners, like us here in Premium Power are well positioned to help address these challenges. Alstom GE, as we are well aware, is a massive company with a huge range of equipment from transformers to capacitors to voltage regulators. At this event we looked at the new systems being brought to the range. We will be seeing more news on extended and improved equipment ranges.

As business trips go, this was a fantastic visit to see what Alstom /GE have to offer and take a look at their leadership in the power systems area.

Roll on 2017!

Alan O’Kelly is Project Development Director with Premium Power. Premium Power are Alstom / GE partners and design and supply a range of filter options to industry across the UK and Ireland. Read more about our harmonic filter services