Premium Power, the UK and Ireland’s leading power system consultancy has welcomed an announcement by Schneider Electric of an upgrade to its Power Monitoring Expert software to version 8.1. The upgrade will see the addition of a new module called Power Quality Advisor which will help large facilities understand and monitor power quality impact on production and costs.

Managing Director of Premium Power Paula O’Neill, who has overseen the installation of the PME power quality meters in a number of large manufacturing facilities, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, said: “We have been working with these power meters for some time and they are one of our most popular and widely used meters across large manufacturing facilities. I welcome this new upgrade which will go a long way to helping plant and engineering managers monitor their energy usage, as well as take proactive steps to ensure the best power quality for their facility, thereby improving reliability, decreasing downtime and saving costs in the long run.”

Premium Power is currently installing the new software across its client base. The Power Quality Advisor will advise users of power quality disturbances through an easy to understand colour code. Red will indicate a severe occurrence that may impact production or equipment, while yellow indicates that a limit or threshold is being reached. Green will mean power is operating within an acceptable range.

Ms. O’Neill said: “As Schneider partners we welcome the introduction of this updated software and that it can be fully integrated with current power meter ranges. As a consultancy we see many facilities throughout the year who are suffering the severe effects of poor power quality. Educating on as well as offering solutions to these long term costly problems will help improve overall production as well as help future proof expansive and extensive electrical systems.”

If you feel your facility may be suffering from poor power quality or you wish to enquire about installing power monitoring software to maximise the use and benefit of power quality meters on your site, visit You can find further detailed information on the Schneider website