Energy & Power Quality Meters

Premium Power are experts in sourcing, installing and analysing energy and power quality meters for large scale industrial sites. Our engineer’s combined expertise will help resolve the power quality issues at your site. As a supplier of energy and power meters along with other hardware solutions, we can provide the meters to you direct, or install the meters and software as a package, should you need it.

Energy & Power Quality Meters

Premium Power provide a wide range of  energy and advanced power quality meters. We were the first to introduce the ION brand of power quality meters to Ireland. We advise clients on the most suitable metering for their particular locations and load requirements. We then connect to an accredited power monitoring system. Energy monitoring accredited to ISO50001 is an embedded feature of the power monitoring system deployed.

Below you will find a selection of the most popular meters. They range from low cost energy meters (kWh pulse and Modbus) to advanced Power Quality class A, IEC 61850 protocol, which monitor compliance with international quality-of-supply standards (IEC 61000-4-30 class A, EN50160, IEC 61000-4-7, IEC 61000-4-15, IEEE 519, IEEE 1159,and CBEMA/ITIC). Flicker evaluation based on IEC 61000-4-15 and IEEE 1453.

We provide:

  • Energy Management & Power Quality Management Systems
  • Power and energy meter supplier for utilities and industry
  • Independent provider
  • Complete and cost-effective solutions
  • Certified ISO 50001 Compliant systems
  • Supply / maintain large energy projects (>1000 devices)
  • Data centre, industrial, commercial and manufacturing applications

When conducting power quality surveys we look for the root cause of any problems identified and advise on any mitigation solution needed. We specify, design and commission hardware solutions. Designed solutions to power quality issues are manufacturer independent, value engineered for maximum return on investment and tuned to the specific power problems.


power quality monitoring systems 1


Solutions may include:

• Active Harmonic Filters
• Passive Harmonic Filters
• Active Tracking Filters
• EMC Filters
• Sag Ride-thru Devices
• Surge Protection Units
• Frequency Inverters
• Voltage Regulators
• DIP-Proof Inverters
• Rotary UPS



pme advanced power monitoring
  • Power monitoring systems by Premium Power are customised for optimum value from the investment
  • Integrate with flow meters, sensors, relays, trip units, RTU’s, ATS’s, UPS’s, PDU’s, generators,  capacitor banks
  • Control equipment such as PFCs and lighting
  • Bespoke energy reports,  billing, budgeting, analysis
  • Alerts for preventative maintenance and/or early warning of equipment degradation/system failure
  • Interactive single lines, transformer, generator, UPS and circuit breaker statuses


Low Cost Precision Metering for Energy Cost Management


Versatile, Compact and Simplifies Power Quality


World's most advanced Power Quality Meter

ION 7550/ 7650

Advanced Power Quality Meter. Proven track record - best in class.

"The value of power metering comes when linking the data collected to equipment status and performance. Linking them using the latest power monitoring softwares greatly increases the return on investment in metering hardwares"
Barry Nicholson, Electrical Engineer

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