Planning the development or upgrade of an electrical distribution system is a challenging undertaking. We are your one-stop shop for electrical design systems – from feasibility studies, concept design and pricing through to construction management, and commissioning. Our expert team will work with you to produce a reliable and cost effective system designed to meet your specific needs.


A sometimes neglected, but crucial step, in the standard design approach is ensuring your existing electrical infrastructure can meet the projects requirements. Our front end engineering studies utilise load flow simulations to predict this. Fully informed we can then advise if alterations to your distribution system are required and how this can be carried out. When pursuing cost effective solutions we will provide certainty on budget costs and technical viability.


Technical due diligence can be required at any stage of the project lifecycle. We provide impartial and reliable information that draws on first hand practical and consulting experience of project delivery. Our clear, responsive and reliable technical advice can provide you with certainty and peace of mind.

We are available to assist at all stages of your project, working as a member of your team, providing independent engineering consultancy or leading your project from the front.


The design of an electrical system significantly affects the operation and maintenance of the final installed solution. The design stage is therefore the ideal opportunity to maximise operator safety. Our expertise in system simulations and modelling coupled with our experience in the specification of electrical equipment results in the design and delivery of safe and resilient solutions. By modelling and simulating an electrical distribution system from the outset of the design process we will ensure compliance with legislation and standards to reduce the risk of equipment being delivered to site that requires costly on site alterations.


  • Project Management – Our project management capabilities allow for the anticipation and assessment of risks before they occur and affect project delivery. We have successfully created a  blend of high calibre technical, and project delivery professionals to ensure that teams are focussed on the common goal of delivering complex projects on time and on budget.
  • Construction Management – The construction process involves subcontractors, suppliers, equipment and services. Managing these activities demands an ability to understand the technical aspect of the project, while also being able to manage people. We make certain that all stakeholders are included at every step and that the disruption to site operations is minimised.
  • System Commissioning – System commissioning is not a tick box exercise; it is the only way to verify that your investment in electrical infrastructure is operating and functioning as desired. We utilise our technical and hands on experience to optimise system parameters specifically for your individual needs.

“It was anticipated that fault currents were going to be high at this facility however when they were found to be >100kA this had implications for the specification of the generator tie in point. A new generator switchboard was required that could handle large fault currents. Using this information we could then confidently select, switchgear that was up to the job.”

Barry NicholsonElectrical Engineer

Generator Feasibility Study

We conducted a generator feasibility study to determine if an emergency diesel generator could be connected to the existing electrical distribution network to ensure that pharmaceutical production could continue on the loss of mains power supply. The generator was required to synchronise with the mains. The feasibility study also included the front-end design of the upgraded network.

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