HV Solutions & Harmonic Filtering

Premium Power offer full design, installation and commissioning on a range of HV solutions aimed at addressing harmonic filtering, reactive power compensation and voltage support issues. We offer a complete turnkey package to include monitoring, design of solution, tender preparation, supply, installation and commissioning.

HV Air Core Reactors

Premium Power offer air core reactors up to 145kV. Our reactors are supplied by Nokian Capacitors, an Alstom company. They are a cost effective and very high standard device, which can be custom made to suit a range of solutions including:

  • Current-Limiting reactors
  • HV Air Core Reactors
  • Neutral-earthing reactors
  • Harmonic Filtering reactors
  • Smoothing reactors
  • Shunt reactors

Additionally they are manufactured in the same facility as the capacitors. This can facilitate highly accurate filter supply.

HV Capacitor UnitsHV Capacitors

HV Capacitor units up to 145kV. We supply Alstom high voltage power capacitor units. These are manufactured using the most advanced technology and high quality materials. They are all film dielectric capacitor units impregnated with a biodegradable dielectric liquid. Each unit can have a separate internal fuse. In addition, each capacitor unit is provided with an internal discharge resistor.
All the units are light-weight and have low losses.

Static Var Compensators

Utility grade Static VAr Compensators (SVC) offer stabilised voltage levels and reactive power compensation. They can be very valuable when integrating renewables into networks.


Industrial STATCOM

We offer Industrial and Utility class STATCOM units which provide very fast voltage source convertor based compensators which, compared to SVC’s, offer an improved range of operational voltage, a faster response and a smaller site area.

HV Air Core ReactorsPre Insertion Resistors

Pre insertion resistors (PIR) can be crucial in ensuring current inrush does not affect grid code compliance for renewable sites or unwanted voltage fluctuations in industrial and renewable situations. Premium Power offer a complete assessment and design solution for these critical components.

VIZIMAX Product Range

In some inrush situations the Vizimax product range offer a very cost effective alternative to PIR. The Vizimax Synchroteq point on wave controlled switching solution is a reliable and flexible solution offers many benefits including:

  • Improved stability and reliability of medium and high voltage electric systems.
  • Increased facility uptime through the decreased number of scheduled shutdowns for maintenance.
  • Clean and stable power from distributed energy resources.
  • Extended lifespan of costly assets.
  • Retrofiting of existing C/B and add controlled switching & monitoring functions.
  • Manage future maintenance and repair based on live acquisition, SER and alarms.
  • Minimized capital investment by optimal sizing of equipment.
"The cost benefits of finding solutions to HV issues are well understood. We have extensive knowledge in these areas - talk to us to find more about how we can help your facility."
Alan O'Kelly, Senior Engineer

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