working-with-electricityPremium Power has signed up as partner to the Construction Industry Federation’s Safety Week. This campaign aims to highlight all aspects of construction worker safety throughout the week to reduce accidents, improve health and safety on site and to inspire best practices across industry.

As providers of advanced electrical safety and arc flash training, Premium Power has been working to help improve facility safety over the past decade. Due to our specialist knowledge in electrical safety, Premium Power is regularly asked to speak to industry or provide guidance on risk assessments and best practice electrical safety and arc flash mitigation practices.

This week we take part in the Electrical Contractor’s Association (ECA) Electrical Safety Workshop. Over the past months we have been working with the ECA to draft a risk assessment proposal that will go forward as guidance to all electrical contractors and associations in Ireland. Ensuring a workable guide as well as seeking agreement on the best work place practices will help to improve overall electrical safety in Ireland.

Today’s CIF Safety Week focus is on electricity. In a construction environment, there are a number of situations where workers can inadvertently come into contact with live services – when excavating (underground services) or overhead services. But workers should consider the established work environment too. Research studies indicate that 70% of electrical injuries result from arc flash rather than shock (‘The Other Electrical Hazard: Electric Arc Blast Burns’1 by Dr. Ralph Lee).

This week Premium Power will be posting a number of articles and updates across our social channels to highlight the dangers of working with electricity and the training and mitigation services we provide including:

  • Are your electrical safety procedures legally compliant?
  • Arc Flash –  a primary cause of electrical injuries.
  • Everything you need to know about arc flash
  • Our upcoming events where you can discuss electrical safety at your facility.

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This video also explains the electrical safety training services we provide.