Some really interesting projects undertaken by our team this month, here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to in February.

Topics of Conversation

Renewable Energy Solutions

We have seen an increased interest in renewable energy sources, however, connection to the grid poses challenges and specific reporting requirements. We can help you with the grid compliance requirements, design, power quality, integration, monitoring and control.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Large and complex manufacturing facilities need to ensure their electrical network is safe, reliable, and has the capabilities to meet the needs of the processes it supplies. Using our specialised studies, our engineers have been proven to deliver cost savings with increased efficiencies preventing production downtime.

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Recent Projects

Real-Time UPS Data

Something we did for a client recently was to help them ensure their backup power supply switchover process was running smoothly and would prevent any downtime. PME can extract data from any system that uses Modbus, so by taking live data directly from the UPS we’re able to track usage, voltage, battery time, etc. We can set up several alarms that will trigger for any number of faults, so possible issues are corrected and avoided before the UPS is in use.

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Live Voltage Readings

PME gives you access to live & historical data from your site, allowing total oversight of where and how energy is used. Here we have a sample dashboard showing the live voltage and power data of your boards on site, as well as the status of the feeder and incomer circuit breakers.

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Human Resources Manager

Due to expansion we are looking for an experienced HR Manager to join our team. We seek a bright, ambitious and motivated individual with a passion for recruitment and a genuine interest in recruiting transformational talent to join our team. The role will be responsible for the coordination of HR functions across the business and to promote a co-operative working environment among employees and management.

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We are delighted to be able to sponsor Skerries Community College which is taking part in the F1 for schools STEM Competition this year. We’re wishing the best of luck to everyone taking part, and are excited to see how to project progresses

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