Premium Power Enabling the Future

With the push for a more sustainable energy supply, high-energy consumers seek the help of Premium Power for seamless integration of their on-site renewable power generation.

Premium Power is an electrical engineering consultancy that designs bespoke solutions to ensure power systems’ safety, reliability, and efficiency for large-scale complex operations like pharmaceuticals, data centres, and utilities. They provide the hardware and software needed to proactively manage and maintain electrical assets.

Managing Director Paula O’Neill explains the importance of their work and how the team uses their expertise in power systems and electrical infrastructure “to perform analysis and studies to determine what will cause issues before they become costly mistakes for our clients, and provide the course of action to ensure they are equipped for the future”.

 With the push for a more sustainable energy supply, high-energy consumers seek to introduce on-site renewable power generation. This comes with its own challenges and has pushed Premium Power to develop its services to enable seamless integration. Their PME team, headed by Alan O’Kelly, specialises in developing and deploying solutions for renewable power integration.

“Wind, solar, and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) offer a great alternative to traditional power generation, but they can be unpredictable and difficult to manage. The power they generate can fluctuate which has to be subsidised with electricity. Getting the two to work harmoniously is paramount for ensuring business continuity for our clients” says O’Kelly.

“Using our ION technology meters and pulling the data into our power monitoring system (PME) we are able to build custom frameworks within the software that allow our clients to control their renewable power. They get to see in real-time what power their solar panels or wind turbines are producing, and how it’s being used around their site.”

With a vision to enable the future for their clients Premium Power has enlisted the support of Enterprise Ireland and joined their Go Global 4 Growth programme to ensure they can scale up to meet the demand of their customers. “As they grow we grow, and so does our technology and expertise”, says O’Neill. The plans include a recruitment drive to take the team from 30 to 45 within the next 18 months, and further development of the services offered with additional hardware and software options. “The future of the industry is set to rely heavily on renewable power and with the help and guidance of Enterprise Ireland, we can ensure we are well-equipped for whatever the future holds.”

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