Each year we take on a select few engineering students and graduates to share our knowledge and give them a hands on experience of what we do. It is a tough but rewarding programme that allows them to take the theory they are learning in college and put it into practise. Over the coming weeks we will speak to our current students who are coming to the end of their internship. We ask what they have learnt, what they’ll take away from the experience and what is in store for them next. We kick off with Joseph Moynihan who is studying Electrical & Electronic / Computer & Communications Engineering in Technological University Dublin.

Why did you choose to apply to Premium Power for your engineering internship?

Having the accessibility to ask questions of previous interns definitely had a bearing on my decision. Two main points were of constant occurrence, it was difficult and it was worthwhile. Having an internship that would test me was something I was intent on having and was the main reason I chose to apply.

How do you find working at Premium Power, do you enjoy it?

From the people to the work it has honestly been a very enjoyable experience. Everyone was welcoming and made an effort to spark up a conversion with me when I first arrived.

What would you say are the key things you’re learning?

Learning new software has been a major part of my internship. SKM, for example, was the main tool used for the creation of models and the evaluation of those models. Functioning as part of a group with multiple different projects happening at the same time was another important part of my role.

How does your experience compare to the theory being taught in college – what's it like to get to grip with real projects on the ground?

For the most part, I would say TUD does a great job of imitating real-life projects with group work, a difference would be that communication is more prominent within Premium Power and everyone has a lot more detail on what members of their team are doing.

Has your experience changed where you plan on taking your engineering career?

No, it’s just given me a very clear idea of the work expected of a power engineer.

What would you say to other students and graduates who are thinking of applying to work at Premium Power?

Do it! From what all the other interns I know are saying, Premium Power is part of a select few companies which gives you real work to do in an adult environment. If your aim is to learn and develop real workplace skills, then you will not find a better place to do that.

Describe your overall experience in three words?

Engaging, Collaborative, Rewarding 

If you are interested in a career with Premium Power to check out our open vacancies here. Or you can send you C.V plus a cover letter to careers@premium-power.com