Solving Harmonic Issues with Schaffner Active Filters

Power quality analysis carried out by Premium Power identified harmonic issues for one of our pharmaceutical clients, based in Ireland.

Our client experienced variable frequency drive failures and was concerned about a significant reduction to the lifespan of other electrical equipment onsite, as well as issues complying with the European Standard IEC61000-2-4. 

Our solution was to install Schaffner Active Harmonic Filters in eight different locations across the site.

Since the deployment of the units, a significant reduction in the voltage harmonics has been measured, assuring that the Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion is less than 5%, as required by the aforementioned standard.

Furthermore, thanks to the Schaffner active harmonic filter capability to target individual current harmonics, these have drastically been reduced and the client will not have increased costs due to the lifespan of their electrical equipment being shortened.

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