Using Schaffners Modular Active Filters to Increase Capabilities for Site Expansion

A previous project involving a power quality study for a client identified elevated levels of harmonic distortion due to the presence of background harmonics being supplied by the utility.

At the time our solution was the deployment of a Schaffner active harmonic filter with three 60A modules to reduce the harmonic footprint. The installation of the filter and modules was an effective method of harmonic mitigation for the client.

Recently the same client came back to us faced with elevated harmonic distortion due to an increase in non-linear loads as part of their recent site expansion.

The scope of the project was similar to before, offsetting the presence of harmonics within the client’s electrical network 

Thankfully, Schaffner filters are modular so we were able to recommend and supply a further two 60A modules, which expanded the capabilities of the active harmonic filter to 300A. 

The client now experiences low voltage distortion across the system which complies with the IEC61000-2-4 Class 1 standard, and has plenty of capability should they plan to expand again in the future. Expanding the capacity of the active filter also allowed for decommissioning of the existing power factor correction unit. Thanks to the dynamic filter functionality as it compensates or consumes the reactive power on the system to achieve a unity power factor at the point of connection in all operating conditions.

If you are considering expansion plans make sure your harmonic filters have the capabilities. Book your free assessment with our power quality experts.