If a site has undergone multiple extensions or retrofits to its electrical system, the management of the protection settings can become quite difficult, as any changes to protection settings on-site can impact site reliability. This task can be overwhelming for facility engineers and can often lead to no action being taken.

Knowing the following is vital and can save a lot of headaches down the line:

  • What settings have been installed to date?
  • Have the settings been tested properly?
  • Have the settings been recorded in a system for use in future upgrades?

What Premium Power can offer is not just providing you with advice on what equipment to purchase and what settings to use, we also manage the protection system and keep a record of ongoing changes and updates as your network changes.

Our management system can provide the following:

  •   Existing electrical settings
  •   Changes made in the last five years
  •   Proposed setting updates for the next year, including relevant design risk assessments.
  •   Live updating on the system as protection settings change and updated information in relation to reliability and incident energy.
  •   Verification and storage of circuit breaker injection reports once installed.
  •   A record of circuit breaker maintenance.
  •   Annual update reports and validation with a Premium Power engineer.

We can also project manage the installation and commissioning of the circuit breaker ensuring site reliability is maintained. Taking on the role of project manager we can either work with customer-appointed contractors or our own team of engineers to execute the project deliverables.

Installation to include;

  • Stakeholder management, weekly calls, and project tracker updates.
  • Periodic site walks in preparation for implementation.
  • Protection setting implementation (project plan and schedule)
  • Protection setting adjustment (HV & LV)
    • On-site project works, technical advisor
  • Commissioning to include;
    • Injection testing (Primary or Secondary)
    • Test results analysis
    • Commissioning Report
  • Electrical safety labeling / PPE requirements updated to reflect changes made on site. 

If you are interested in better management of your protection system our engineers would love to speak with you.

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