Is your site experiencing an increase in power quality issues?

Have you noticed system failures, or is your site just in need of a routine system health check?

A power quality survey could be the solution to your problems, providing you with in-depth data and insights from your electrical network allowing you to mitigate against issues and make informed decisions.


While we can’t speak for the processes of other companies conducting power quality surveys, we can explain what is involved in ours and the first port of call is to provide us with single line diagrams (SLDs) of your site and a detailed description of the issues you are experiencing. This information can be assessed and a proposal issued detailing the locations in your electrical network that would benefit from monitoring.

Once you are in agreement with the locations an engineer will come to site and temporarily install intelligent power quality meters and begin gathering data. We have a wide range of advanced power quality meters that we use such as, Dranetz, Elspec, ION and PQube, all which are compatible with IEC61000-4-30. More information on our power meters can be found below.

The next step in the process is not always common practice, but it is something we feel is very important, and that is to check for the presence of any harmonic filters, power factor correction units, UPS etc while we are onsite installing the meters. If present, these can have an adverse effect on the data gathered, which will directly impact the findings and report. It may be advised that you disconnect this equipment for the period of data collection.

After a period of 1-2 weeks of data collection, an engineer will return to site to disconnect the meters and will begin the process of data retrieval. This data is then analysed by a team of experts in accordance with the relevant standards and a report is written up detailing the findings and proposed solutions if required. 

Finally this report is presented to the client, discussed thoroughly and any questions they might have answered. 


During the data collection stage there are a number of parameters that the power analysers look for, mostly concerned with harmonic injection levels, that will give you an overall view of what is going on in your power system. These include:

  • Voltage (RMS)
  • Current (RMS)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion current (ITHD)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion voltage (VTHD)
  • Individual harmonics Voltage and Current.
  • Current and voltage waveforms. 
  • Power Factor 
  • Active, Reactive, Apparent Power. 
  • Frequency 
  • Flicker 
  • Voltage Sag/Swells including the probability of the origin of those events.
  • Transient events 
  • Motor and transformer inrush


If you choose us to conduct your power quality survey you are not only getting the benefits of our many years experience, but you are getting project managers that can offer a complete service unparalleled to any other provider. We will:

  • Provide detailed analysis of the power quality data collected
  • Monitor multiple locations at the same time which is key to correlate events over an extensive electrical network
  • Provide a detailed report including the evaluation of the gathered data in accordance with the relevant power quality and harmonic standards
  • Issue corrective action directives
  • Offer permanent installation and integration of advanced metering and software solutions
  • Help train your engineers so they can collect and analyse the power quality data themselves on an ongoing basis.

To book your power quality survey, or to speak to our experts please contact us at +353 1 8105032 or