Premium Power take on a number of students and graduates throughout the year. In this series we hear from students at the end of their internship about their learning experience, what they’ll take from it and what advice they would give to engineers considering applying for a position at Premium Power. Here Robert Fenlon,who is studying for his Master’s Degree in Electrical Power Systems Engineering at University College Dublin, talks of his experience at Premium Power


Why did you choose to apply to Premium Power for your engineering internship?

I wanted to work in a company where the standard of the quality of work was top level, where the development of the skills of the employee was important. From the Premium Power website I saw that they were a consultancy company working with high calibre clients so I knew then that the standard of work there would have to be at the top level. I wanted to be able to see some of the principles I had learned at university applied in an engineering context, in a company where solving problems is the main source of business I felt that I could see those principles used.

How did you find working at Premium Power, did you enjoy it?

I really enjoyed my time here, I learned several new skills such as using SKM software, I took part in project meetings; things I would not be doing on a regular basis in university. I found the atmosphere friendly but also results and work focused, there was a lot more assisting with report drafting and documenting than I had anticipated but that contributed to the results driven focus here.

What would you say were the key things you learned?

I learned a lot about safety regarding an electrical installation, things I would never have considered or thought of and about how safety is the number one priority on site and when developing plans for surveys and site visits. I learned how to use several new software packages such as Dranview and Elspec. I learned how to apply my knowledge from my course in university in helping to assist in the analysis of results from surveys.

How did your experience compare to the theory you are taught in college – what it is like to really get to grip with projects on the ground?

There was a massive difference between what I learned in university compared to the work in Premium Power; the detail of power quality and the understanding of the results obtained from a survey are much more specific and on a much more detailed level than the basic theory. The understanding of harmonics, arc flash and power factor analysis played a larger role than I would have thought or even learned about in university.

The software that is used in Premium Power is designed specifically for electrical engineering purposes and it was great to learn how to use it to analyse data as I have never used it before.

There was a lot more coordination required with the other members of staff here to complete work, where I was helping the other engineers do some analysis or assist with displaying results in a report. I was in a different role to what it usually is in university, the tasks are divided up well with meetings regularly to assess progress so time management and team work were skills I learned a lot about.

Has your experience changed where you plan on taking your engineering career?

No, I would still like work in an electrical consultancy firm, if anything my time in Premium Power has confirmed that for me. The type of work I was doing interested me and the way my work helped contribute towards the completion of projects confirmed my belief that I should work in a similar environment in the future.

What would you say to other students and graduates who are thinking of applying to work at Premium Power?

If you want to work in a place that holds itself to the highest standard, that continually develops the skills of its workers, that will give you meaningful work that is project and team based then Premium Power is an excellent place to apply to. If you are unsure of anything at all you can ask any of the engineers there working with you, everyone is delighted to be able to help. The work atmosphere is great, everyone is friendly and tries hard to make sure you feel welcome and know what your role is.

Describe your overall experience in three words?

Informative, engaging and enjoyable.

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