April 28th marks the World Health Organisation (WHO) World Health Day for Health and Safety at Work. This annual event aims to highlight the dangers faced by workers and to encourage employers and managers to work to protect their employees.

Electrical Safety Foundation International estimates that every 30 minutes during the work day, a worker suffers an electrically induced injury that requires time off the job for recovery. Electrical injuries range from small shocks and burns to devastating internal traumas and in worst case scenarios: death of the worker involved.

Premium Power specialise in electrical safety and advise some of the largest companies in the world on their electrical safety programmes, risk assessments and live work procedures.  Often we are approached after an accident or injury has taken place or a facility has suffered a major electrical outage. Our ethos is to  prevent electrical accidents before they happen and to educate workers on the dangers of arc flash.

To mark World Health Day for Health and Safety at work here are three educational articles on electrical safety at work. In the final article Compliance Engineer Pat MacNally gets to experience arc flash first hand.




Premium Power schedules electrical safety training throughout the year, to highlight the dangers or arc flash explosions in industrial environments, and give up to date advice on legal requirements. Our next event takes place in Birmingham on Thursday 26 May 2016. To book your ticket or find out more information click on the link below.