How to reduce the severity of an arc flash relay event by over 80% even in areas of tight protection coordination constraints

Arc flash relay levels also known as Incident energy which is expressed in terms of calories per centimetre squared (cal/cm²) is a function of the available arcing current and the existing protection settings within the electrical network. The installation of arc flash relays is advised in areas where high incident energy levels are present but no reduction in energy is possible by adjusting the existing settings due to tight protection coordination constraints.

The main objective from the installation of an arc flash relay is to ensure that in the event of an arc flash incident occurring a trip signal will be sent to the protective device nearest the fault allowing a quick disconnection time (approx. 1ms + protective device operating time)

Reduction of incident energy by over 80% can be achieved with the correct design and installation of an arc flash relay.


How this can be achieved?

Premium Power can project manage, design, supply, install and commission Arc flash relays into existing switchgear or as part of a new installation.

Design / Supply

Premium Power Engineers conduct a survey of switchgear to allow for the design of an arc flash relay protection system best suited to the client needs. Systems provided include;

  • Point Sensor installation
  • Optic Fibre installation


 Project Management / Installation & Commission

Premium Power can project manage the installation and commissioning of the arc flash relay taking on the role of project manager either working with customer appointed contractors or our own team of engineers to execute the project deliverables.

Installation to include;

  • Sensor and relay
  • Cabling requirements (Trip signal)
  • Switchgear modifications (if required)

Commissioning to include;

  • Configuration / testing of installed sensors
  • Testing of protective device trip coils
  • Full operational test (Online)
  • Light sensitivity adjustment
  • Fiver optic sensor adjustment

Final stage includes the update of the site network model and issue of new arc flash incident energy labels and coordination with Health and Safety personnel for update to risk assessments and required PPE.

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