health and safetyToday Tuesday 28th April is World Health Day for Health and Safety at Work. This World Health Organisation (WHO) initiative aims to highlight the dangers and diseases faced by workers and to encourage employers and managers to work to protect their employees.

Electrical Safety Foundation International estimates that every 30 minutes during the work day, a worker suffers an electrically induced injury that requires time off the job for recovery. Electrical injuries range from small shocks and burns to devastating internal traumas and in worst case scenarios: death of the worker involved.

Premium Power specialise in the area of electrical safety and work with some of the largest companies in the world to help protect their workers. One of these areas is the assessment and reduction of arc flash hazard – an explosive release of energy. To mark this day, our health and safety specialist Pat MacNally asks: Are Your Electrical Safety Procedures Legally Compliant,while our Engineering Manager Michael Sopocko writes  how arc flash can be a primary cause of electrical injury.