Energy Management Software

Energy Management

Our Premium Energy Management Systems (PEMS) combines advanced technology with engineering expertise to deliver a pro-active, comprehensive solution which includes

  • Energy Data Hosting
  • Energy Metering Systems

Benefits for your Business

PEMS offers adds real value for clients looking for an effective energy management solution. It allows you to:

  • Check the meter installed at your site incomer
  • Take kWh pulses from the billing meter
  • Offer a full web view of check meter and billing meter data
  • Check meter to control on-site generation, load shedding, relay control
  • Offer highly accurate Class A Power Quality meters
  • Evaluate your providers compliance to Quality of Service targets such as EN5016O
  • Track and forecasts power factor
  • Deliver automatic alerts if trends indicate that power factor is approaching a level where the provider imposes penalties

Added Value Features

Accurate, reliable and relevant information is essential but there are other key benefits to our Energy Management Systems

  • Class 0.2 Accuracy – important at high energy usage points
  • Easy reporting and viewing on web based software
  • Automated alarming and reporting
  • Alarming facility for bill discrepancies
  • Transformer Loss can be modelled to allow meters installed at MV to measure energy at HV
  • Monitors and alerts on utility caused disturbances
  • Checks utility supply to EN50160
  • Full tariff system can be implemented
  • Avoid peak demand surcharges. Use your check meter to control onsite generation at times of peak demand
  • Automatically performs load shedding, generator startup and relay control
  • Class A Power Quality monitoring will provide information for HV lines and MV substation bus

IEC 61000-4-30 Class A

IEC 61000-4-30 Class A offers significant benefits as it provides

  • Absolute confidence that data reported is accurate
  • The ability to benchmark or compare results against other utilities, regions or countries
  • Power Quality data provided to evaluate compliance to international or regional Quality of Service targets (i.e. EN50160)
  • Waveform capture and transient detection available for advanced power quality analysis and fault classification.
  • Extended I/O options allow existing transducers to be brought into the system or for relays and controllers to be operated
  • Information and alerts via mobile phone, PDA and other devices
"We can design bespoke energy management software to take account of a client’s particular needs. This is especially useful for large facilities who may have a number of specific requirements"
Alan O'Kelly, Projects Development Manager

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