“The ability to measure and monitor energy usage in any plant is a key component to effective and efficient use of the site's resources."

Michal Sopocko
Engineering Director

Gilead Sciences - Power Monitoring System

We worked closely with Gilead’s engineering department to install a specialist power monitor system (PMS), Power Monitoring Expert 7.2, at their Carrigtwohill plant, Co. Cork. The PMS is used to log and report on the sites W.A.G.E.S. usage and record any power quality events.

Project Details


Gilead Sciences Ireland


Cork, Ireland

Premium Power Role:

Power Monitoring Consultants

Project Description

We integrated a large number of metering devices into the PMS. This gave the client the ability to measure and monitor usage of key utilities (water, gas and electricity) on site. Another major benefit of installing the PMS was the power quality analysis the system offered. The site experienced a number of significant power outages and by combining the high-end power quality meters with the PME software we were able to assist in establishing the causes of these events.

Project Challenges

Located in the heart of the IDA business park, Carrigtwohill, the plant is one the main manufacturing and distribution hubs for Gilead’s European operations. A network of high-end metering devices was set up around the site to monitor and analyse the water, gas, electrical and steam usage. Power Monitoring Expert has the advantage of being able to log data from a wide variety of metering options from high-end power quality meters to analogue flow meters. Once stored in the database there are a number of tools available to the end user for analysing the data, including; live and historical data trending, automated energy usage and trending reports, and power quality event notifications.

Project Outcomes

Premium Power determined that the cause of the power outages was coming from the Utility provider. This enabled the client to present detailed reports to their Utility provider in an effort to resolve the issue. The client was also able to gather important information, such as the electrical load while on generator backup, and determine if it was sized correctly.

Changes Since

Since first introducing PME to Gilead, we have since assisted them in upgrading their system to PME 2021, offering them even more functionality and transparency across their site.


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