“Elevated harmonic voltages could prevent equipment from operating as required. This was the issue here as the high harmonic distortion prevented the cooling system from operating. Therefore the whole project was at stake.
Providing the right solution to overcome the harmonic issue on time was a key element in this project. We have provided our utmost support to the client and engaged with them and the relevant supplier to ensure that the design solution will be successful to get the commissioning of the system over the line with harmonics level within the relevant standards. It has been a challenging project but interesting and satisfactory when all the equipment operated as intended post the installation of the harmonic filters. ”

George Mokl
Engineering Manager & Director

Project Liaisons for New Data Centre

A major data centre client was having issues with commissioning their new data centre due to a harmonic problem resulting from a non functioning cooling system.

Project Details


Large Data Centre



Premium Power Role:

Project Liaisons

Project Description

We analysed the harmonic data and established the link between the equipment harmonic emission and the network topology which was causing the high harmonic voltage distortion. This allowed us to identify the correct placement of the hybrid filtering solution that we designed to overcome the issue.
This process involved liaising with their equipment suppliers and other contractors asking the right questions about the equipment and evaluating the offered solutions for the client.
We helped each party to understand the technical elements that were out of the scope of their products but were causing the issues that affected the overall system and the performance of their products, and got everyone on the same page so that there could be a successful result for all involved. For 4+ weeks, after we had completed the job that we were originally hired to do, we took on this role, sharing our knowledge and expertise with not only the client who originally contacted us, but for all parties involved which will in future help them to provide a better service to their clients as well.

Project Challenges

We were asked by this client to analyze power quality measurement data for them as their new data centre could not be commissioned due to a harmonic problem resulting from a non functioning cooling system. Following a review all the data from various tests and measurements carried out on site, it became clear that our input would be required to liaise with the site equipment manufacturer to understand the topology of the equipment in order to understand the root cause of the issue and spec the right solution. After presenting our findings and recommended solutions to the client, we were asked to engage with different filter and equipment manufacturers to evaluate their solution inline with our recommendation. This was key to the success of this project as time was of a great essence to get the data centre commissioned on time.

Project Outcomes

Not only did we deliver our element of the project on time, but we helped the project as a whole get delivered on time, even though it was not in our remit. The data centre went through the commissioning phase and was deemed compliant with the IEC standards post the filter installation. This allowed the system to function as expected and prolong the life expectancy of the equipment in general.


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