“The implementation of the MSD Ballydine electrical safety programme has brought about a significant improvement in the safety culture among electrical workers. They can now competently identify the hazards associated with working live and know when the arc flash hazard exists and how to mitigate against them. The programme has ensured that workers are safer and the auditing process is more effective as clear defined instructions relating to permits and PPE are in place."

Michal Sopocko
Engineering Director

MSD Ballydine - Electrical Safety Integration

MSD Corporate electrical Safety provide general guidelines for conducting electrical work in a safe and controlled manner. The guidelines are issued to all MSD facilities globally. We assisted MSD, Ballydine, Co Tipperary, to localise the guidelines and to adapt the health and safety requirements specifically to Ballydine facility operations.

Project Details





Premium Power Role:

Electrical Safety Consultants

Project Description

MSD Ballydine partnered with Premium Power for specialist electrical safety consultancy throughout the development of the new electrical safety programme. Our specialist expertise and systematic approach to electrical safety and arc flash hazards ensured that worker risk was reduced to acceptable levels.
We designed a four stage electrical safety program consisting of the following elements:

  • Arc flash Safety Programme
  • Development of an electrical safety procedures and permits providing safety controls and guidance
  • Development of a training program for site based electrical personnel and contractors
  • Management of change process was updated to ensure all future projects ensure compliance
Project Challenges

The MSD Ballydine Engineering Department needed to develop a new electrical safety programme that followed general guidelines issued by MSD Corporate, but that also complied with local legislation and regulations. The general guidelines include guidance on the safe installation, use and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems, and for the prevention of electrical and arc-flash related hazards.
The 40-year-old facility had undergone many upgrades and one of the key challenges was to ensure a consistent approach to worker safety that addressed the condition of both new electrical equipment and older equipment which were constructed to the requirements of less stringent standards.

Project Outcomes

MSD Ballydine rolled-out the new electrical safety programme in late 2014. They became the first MSD facility in Europe, and one of the first pharmaceutical facilities in Ireland, to roll-out a comprehensive safety programme including the assessment of the arc flash hazard. The electrical safety programme developed at MSD Ballydine is used as a case study within the global MSD organisation, and was nominated in the health and safety category of the Irish Pharma Industry Awards 2015.


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