Welcome to your ultimate guide to Energy Management and Power Quality Systems. This collection of some of our most popular blogs, case studies and videos, sharing the expert knowledge of our engineers. Whether you are studying electrical engineering, working in the industry or just curious this handy guide is worth a read.

Many large energy users in Ireland and abroad have set strict targets to reduce their energy emissions and costs. They are embarking on extensive energy management programmes to reduce energy bills.Specifications such as ISO 50001 provide guidance on how energy users can follow a structured framework to reduce their energy use. In order for energy managers to earn the very prestigious title ‘ISO 50001 compliant’, much effort and investment goes into getting the plant to this standard. Often, a large investment in electrical infrastructure needs to be undertaken.Energy saving technologies such as power factor correction (PFC), variable speed drives (VSD), energy efficient lighting, other non-linear loads, wind turbines and solar panels are being installed across industry to help reduce electricity bills. These components can have a detrimental effect on the power quality of a system that may not be immediately apparent.

Over the coming weeks we will have a number of these mini e-zines relating to different topics each week. We will also be hosting webinars on power quality in the coming weeks so stay tuned to our social media for release dates.