Data centres are being faced with a new demand on their facilities. With increased demand comes increased pressure on resources. We have a number of services available that can help you better understand the workings of your system, how to improve its efficiency, ensure it is reliable and that you are operating from a safe environment. Having worked with Data Centres and their power quality issues for over 15 years we know how to get you the best out of your power system.

With everyone required to stay at home our digital infrastructure is being put to the test. The nation is calling on streaming services, video conferencing, E-learning services and much more to keep themselves connected and entertained as we ride out this storm. While we are lucky to have such services available to us, the knock on effect is that we are consuming much more energy than we usually would and we are calling on the services of our data centres much more than we usually would.

The implications of increased energy consumption is that larger consumers (i.e data centres, manufacturing plants, pharmaceuticals) are seeing fluctuations in the power supply they are receiving. This affects equipment, causes overheating and can result in a facility suffering downtime. This weakened supply coupled with the increased traffic to our data centres puts them in a dangerous situation.

This is where our expertise and services can help. We have been working with data centres for the past number of years identifying their power quality issues, offering mitigation solutions and implementing these changes. We pride ourselves on project managing each site from start to finish, to ensure you are getting the best out of your facility. 

When working with modern power electronics some issues can be addressed with a simple fix while others require a more complex design solution, some of which include:

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We know it is critical for your operations and consumer trust that you have a resilient and safe electrical power system. We have and we will continue to support growth, assist in expansion and providing technical solutions to ensure that your data centre electrical infrastructure is reliable, future-proofed and operates within its designed parameters.