Why You Should Upgrade Your ION7650 Power Meters to an ION9000

The ION9000 power quality meter is one of the most advanced meters on the market, offering several new and upgraded features compared to its predecessor, the hugely popular ION7650. 

Ideally suited for critical power and large energy users who cannot afford to be shut down, the ION9000 boasts a modular design, multiple mounting and communication options, and can be integrated with PME to provide facility-wide, system-level events for decisive power quality information and root cause analysis.

What you get with the ION9000 that you don’t with the ION7X50

What does this mean for you

  • More accurate energy readings allowing you to see what is going on in real time
  • More memory for storing data if there is a network disconnect
  • Waveform capture – pre, during and post event highlighting how your system responded and recovered
  • Colorful touch screen with more interactive and easier to use display
  • Double the amount of ethernet ports allowing you to wire multiple meters in an ethernet chain for faster data transfer even for 3rd party modbus TCP devices
  • Time sync – More accurate time protocols to ensure synchronization with other devices on the network and pin point accuracy for event data
  • Increased cyber security with advanced access control, changing port numbers, and disabling and enabling port protocols
  • All ION meters allow for custom programming and frameworks however the ION9000 allows for even more modules, memory and complex custom logic

If you are interested in learning more about the ION9000 or wish to discuss your upgrade plans give our PME team a call. We can ensure any changes are completed in a timely manner with little to no disruption to your services.

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