NEPIC Exhibition Cleveland

Premium Power showcased at the recent NEPIC Meet the Members Conference and Exhibition held on 22 June in Billingham, Cleveland. It was the first time Premium Power took part in a NEPIC event and the reaction from delegates to Premium Power’s electrical safety message was overwhelmingly positive.

Andrew Hogan, pictured below at the event said, “There was a huge interest in what we have to say when it comes to electrical safety. As all facilities strive towards making their working environments as safe as possible, suppliers, service providers and companies themselves are keen to get ahead and become leaders in these areas. When it comes to very specific areas of electrical safety, such as arc flash, there is an appetite for expertise, due to a particular knowledge gap we are seeing across industry right now.”

Andrew says Premium Power spoke with a number of clients working in chemical related industries on the day from technology and project management companies interested in Premium Power’s safety software package ‘SafeSite’, to universities interested in delivering the most up to date electrical safety learnings.

“Engineering companies, process and biotechnology companies as well as analytical and power companies, were all interested in what we had to say and as a company it was great to gather and discuss our products and service and explore the scope of where we can take electrical safety in the UK,” said Andrew.

The event, which is in its sixth year, brings together those working in the chemical processing industry with over 500 delegates and 100 exhibitors. NEPIC is a membership cluster organisation working with chemical-using industries in the North East of England. Members include clients in the petrochemicals, polymers and materials, fine & speciality chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and renewables.

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