Premium Power take on a number of students and graduates throughout the year. In this series we hear from students at the end of their internship about their learning experience, what they’ll take from it and what advice they would give to engineers considering applying for a position at Premium Power. Here Deividas Rainys,who is studying for his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering at University Collect Dublin talks of his experience at Premium Power

Why did you choose to apply to Premium Power for your engineering internship?

There were a number of companies I looked at before deciding that Premium Power suited me the best. Premium Power stood out with its high quality of work and good work ethics. This was easily shown with the number of case studies listed. I also knew that working in a consultancy would expose me to a huge number of different type of projects which would benefit my learning and show me what I might want to do in my future career.

How did you find working at Premium Power, did you enjoy it?

Working at Premium Power was a great experience. On my very first day, I started assisting on projects for real clients. It’s what I liked the most about the company. There was no time wasting with any of the interns doing meaningless work.

Experiencing working in an office was new to me. It was something I enjoyed tremendously. All of the staff were very friendly and had no problem explaining any of the principles or the work to be done.

What would you say were the key things you learned?

One of the main things I learned, or realised, is how much report writing the engineers complete. I was under the impression that when college is finished, report writing would be finished also, but that is not the case. However, when you enjoy where you work and the work that you do, it is no longer a chore. I also learned to use a variety of different electrical engineering software which will pay dividends in my future career and will hopefully put me ahead of the competition.

How did your experience compare to the theory you are taught in college – what it is like to really get to grip with projects on the ground? 

I found that there was quite a huge difference between the theory learned in university and the work conducted on projects. Most of the concepts would have been learned at a very high level with very few examples of applications provided. Working at Premium Power really supplemented and cemented the theory which has given me a greater understanding of these concepts.

Has your experience changed where you plan on taking your engineering career?

Before starting my internship, I was very unsure as to what way I wanted to take my career. Having worked in a consultancy firm such as Premium Power, I have learned that working somewhere similar would suit me the most. Working at somewhere like Premium Power, means that every day is going to be different which is what is most important to me in a company. This way, I will want to get up every morning and go to work.

What would you say to other students and graduates who are thinking of applying to work at Premium Power?

Working at Premium Power would no doubt be an incredibly enjoyable and hugely beneficial experience to any intern. You will learn a huge amount of knowledge, will get to experience the office culture and make great connections.

Describe your overall experience in three words?

Challenging, engaging, delightful.

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