SafeSite Live: Project, Permitting & Contractor Management

As consultants we work with large facilities and contractors to help deliver on a range of electrical projects. In recent years we’ve noticed a need for facilities and contractor management firms to keep track of their safety permits and to plan and coordinate safety controls and projects on site. This is why we developed SafeSite Live.

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What is SafeSite Live?

SafeSite Live is an online safety permit and project coordination system. It provides a total project, permit and contractor management system for all health and safety requirements. It allows the issuing of permits, management of onsite personnel, coordination of RAMS, the storage of single line diagrams, isolation points and procedures and systems unique to your facility.

Why SafeSite Live?

Ensuring site safety across multiple projects is a challenge. Protect against safety breaches and costly delays through SafeSite Live’s efficient contractor, permit and project management system. SafeSite Live was designed to control safe systems of work across concurrent projects. SafeSite Live can include all project specific details ensuring a streamlined permitting process.

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SafeSite Live Benefits

  • Rapid and clear permitting process saves time and avoids potential confusion
  • Contractors can upload required paperwork directly
  • Manage company’s own procedures, documentation and templates
  • Allow contractors onto site faster
  • View project site maps. See single lines, building and machine schematics at a glance
  • Provide high level overview of project performance through SafeSite Live dashboard
  • Manage all personnel competencies, certificates and track expiries
  • Improve project coordination and ensure risks are correctly treated

How does it work?

SafeSite Live is a web based application where users log on to coordinate site activities. SafeSite Live is adaptable and can be utilised according to a facility’s or project’s particular needs. Some of the tasks SafeSite Live helps coordinate include:

• Online request and approval of safety permitsinfograph4
• Contractor and personnel management
• Risk assessments
• Overview of live work
• Full visibility of site drawings & SLDs
• Access schematics, RAMs & isolation points
• Project task lists
• Project documentation version control

Users of SafeSite Live include:

• Engineering Companies
• Facilities & Manufacturers
• Contractor Firms
• Health and Safety Officers
• EHS and SHE Managers
• Engineering & Project Managers

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"Our software gives an overview of the whole facility, allows for easy permit planning and will help prevent the queue of contractors that can often be found on site each morning. We aim to streamline the health and safety process and give greater control to health and safety officers and maintenance managers."
Alan O'Kelly, Projects Development Manager

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