Electrical Safety Procedures

Premium Power are experts in electrical risk procedures. We can help your facility comply with legal requirements and introduce electrical risk assessments, permits, procedures, documents and on or off-site training.

arc flash incidents recorded in the US each year
of these are fatal
Costs and fines to one UK company following one arc flash incident

We work closely with clients to develop electrical procedure documents to provide guidance for all personnel conducting electrical work at the client facility. These document primarily address safe working practices with regard to the 4 No. categories of electrical work:

  1. Work
  2. on exposed energised electrical equipment
  3. Work near exposed energised electrical equipment
  4. Work near covered energised electrical equipment
  5. Dead working

This outline the duties imposed by applicable statutory provisions and includes recommendations in order to help the employer to meet his legal obligations.

"Our experience in developing electrical procedures in line with local legislation, corporate standards, ETCI Regulations and other applicable standards and codes, reassures clients that they are meeting their responsibilities in terms of employee safety. Training ensures that the end result is a system their employees can work with"
Pat MacNally, Compliance Engineer

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