Harmonic Modelling

Power quality problems can contribute to higher energy costs, slower production and faults in your electrical system. Pro-actively addressing power quality issues from design stage can offer significant reliability and cost benefits. Premium Power work with large industrial clients across the UK and Ireland to help improve power quality issues at their facilities. This work is particularly important to sites with critical and sensitive loads.



Harmonic Modelling

Elevated levels of harmonic current and/or voltage impact the performance of sensitive systems, susceptible to harmonic distortion, and reduce the reliability of the plant.

In addition to our surveys we offer a planning or modeling service. This powerful technique allows sites designing extensions or new builds to plan for harmonic distortion.

Further we can then make a clear case for mitigation at an early stage.

Power Quality-Harmonic Modelling

Harmonic Study

Premium Power supply a complete range of power quality and electrical resilience solutions including harmonic filters (active and passive).

Read: Power Quality and Harmonics – Causes and Effects

Power System Reliability

Elevated levels of harmonic current and/or voltage impact the performance of sensitive systems, susceptible to harmonic distortion, and reduce the reliability of the plant.

Presence of harmonics in the system may not always create an issue in a short run. There are however long term consequences, which should be considered. The main issues would be: deterioration of equipment leading to reduced lifespan, increased losses, overheating, reduced reliability leading to increased process interruptions (i.e.: failures of drives, PLC’s or Power Supplies) or communication interference.

Benefits of the Premium Power Approach

  • Partnership with key customers
  • Proactive approach to risk management
  • Experienced personnel
  • Quantify & Identify electrical risks
  • Provide potential insurance premium gains
  • Identify issues before outages occur
  • Understanding of the cost benefit of investment
  • Solutions to optimise reliability presented in a cost value process for optimal return on investment
  • We provide quality assurance through compliance with ISO:9001 and OHSAS:18001
  • We ensure outlay on reliability and redundancy meets the reliability requirements of the operation
  • Assist in implementing asset management standards, such as Pas55/ISO55000. This can offer greater transparency to top management regarding plant & equipment condition. This informs both engineering and financial teams.
"We have entered the era where power quality and energy efficiency go hand in hand. Because energy efficient appliances must be cost effective and the cost of the energy savings technique must not exceed the value of the energy saved - this often means that the cheapest solution is adopted, with minimum attention to the impact on power quality. Left unchecked, the ongoing costs of poor power quality could greatly outway the cost benefits of energy saving initiatives"
Michal Sopocko, Senior Electrical Engineer

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