Power Monitoring Systems

If your facility has invested in power meters,connecting them to a power monitoring system is a cost effective way ofmaximising the investment in the meters. Monitoring energy and power usage is the first step in controlling them.

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Power Monitoring

Power monitoring can be carried out at your facility on a long or short term basis. Short term solutions suit systems where a specific power quality issue occurs and involves the temporary installation of meters within the electrical network. Long term solutions suit facilities where there are ongoing power quality issues and where the issues centre around voltage levels rather than harmonics. Permanent meters and integration of advanced metering and software solutions will be provided to overcome these issues.

Premium Power Ltd. were the first to introduce the ION brand of advanced power quality meters to Ireland in 2001. We are the only engineering consultancy in Ireland certified as EcoXpert Certified Integrators for the StruxureWare PowerLogicION brand of power monitoring systems by Schneider Electric.

StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert 8.1 is a complete, interoperable and scalable power management software solution that enables users optimise power distribution infrastructure and maximise operational efficiency. This solution helpsPME8-Dashboard2

  • Maximise facility uptime and reliability
  • Examine and mitigate power quality issues
  • Find new ways to extend equipment performance and life span
  • Track energy consumption, uncover savings opportunities and accurately allocate costs
  • Enable compliance with power quality and energy standards such as ANSI/IEEE and ISO50001
"Power monitoring systems correlate power anomalies with equipment status and this can help facility managers correlate the cause and effect between power events and equipment malfunctions. They help determine the cost of power events on equipment malfunction and downtime"
George Mokl, Electrical Engineer

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