Power Modelling Software

We use a range of modelling tools for electrical system analysis.

Modelling Software Used

  • Paladin DesignBase
  • SKM’s DAPPER, ArcCalc and DC System Analysis
  • PowerFactory by DigSilent (particularly useful for harmonic load flow and voltage changes and flicker for windfarm design and compliance testing)
  • PSSE is used for dynamic simulation

Modelling can be used to identify:

•     Load flow
•     Short circuit fault (classical)
•     Short circuit fault IEC909
•     Arc flash hazard
•     Harmonic G5/4
•     Harmonic injection
•     Harmonic impedance
•     Transient stability
•     Protection co-ordination

"Using the latest power monitoring softwares greatly increases the return on investment in metering hardwares. Talk to us to find out what might be the best solution for your facility"
David Corcoran, Electrical Projects Engineer

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