Power Modelling Software

Premium Power supply advanced electrical modelling software to some of Ireland’s leading companies. This experience helps our customers to maintain the reliability of their HV, MV and LV networks and respond to the many challenges they face. Modelling may be required when a network upgrade is planned, or a network change of use or design is required.

We use a range of modelling tools for electrical system analysis.

Modelling Software Used

  • Paladin DesignBase
  • SKM’s DAPPER, ArcCalc and DC System Analysis Power Tools Integrated Modules
  • ETAP – Analytical engineering software company specializing in the analysis, simulation, monitoring, control, optimization, and automation of electrical power systems
  • PowerFactory by DigSilent (particularly useful for harmonic load flow and voltage changes and flicker for windfarm design and compliance testing)
  • PSSE is used for dynamic simulation

Modelling can be used to identify:

Load flow

Short circuit fault (classical & EC909)

Arc flash hazard

Harmonic G5/4

Harmonic injection

Harmonic impedance

Transient stability

Protection co-ordination

IEC60909 Fault

IEC61363 Fault


DC System Sizing and Analysis – DC Load Flow, Battery Sizing, DC Short Circuit (ANSI & IEC)

"Use power modelling analysis tools to optimise protection, reliability and safety system settings.Keeping the electrical model up to date with equipment and setting updates greatly aids troubleshooting and fault finding on electrical systems. It can be a powerful aid to speed up decision making processes and eliminated unnecessary operational errors.
Alan O'Kelly

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