Load Flow, Short Circuit

Load flow / Short Circuit Analysis

The configuration of the electrical distribution system changes over time to meet the needs of the various generation/manufacturing/operating processes. The alteration of an electrical distribution system configuration results in the operating characteristics/specification of the network changing.

Load Flow

For new and expanding facilities it is necessary to determine the predicted electrical load growth rate and to investigate suitable connection points for the connection of future loads.

One should always determine the suitability of location in the electrical distribution network that can be utilised for the connection of electrical loads, identify weak points,  available spare capacity and predict energy losses   through reactive power calculations (power factor at cross the facility). This shall allow to create  a technically feasible strategy for the successful creation/expansion of the electrical distribution network.

Short Circuit

Anticipated maximum system fault levels will rise and fall depending on the system configuration and also the feeding arrangements. The connection of equipment such as transformers, UPS systems and generators etc. to the electrical distribution system can increase the overall fault levels that can occur during a fault event. It is therefore imperative that fault studies are conducted at intervals throughout the lifetime of the facility or when significant alterations to the electrical distribution network take place. The fault study will ensure that equipment connected to the electrical distribution network will be capable of withstanding the anticipated system fault levels.

"Regular load flow analysis is required to ensure that the investment in electrical infrastructure is maximised for load balancing, capacity management, future planning and minimising energy costs. Load Flow analysis helps identify potential bottle necks and weak points within a facility's electrical distribution system."

George Mokl, Electrical Engineer

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