Grid Compliance / Dynamic Modelling


power grid compliance and dynamic modelling

power grid compliance and dynamic modelling with renewable energy

We work to conduct a thorough assessment of the project from the outset. We are able to reassure our clients and provide certainty that projects will be delivered on time, on budget and to the required specification.

What we do:
– Technical due diligence (electrical)
– Preliminary harmonic analysis study
– Harmonic injection and mitigation design
– NC5 applications
– Peer review of power system studies

Grid Compliance

We specialise in ensuring windfarms/renewable generation are grid compliant.
We conduct grid compliance studies using the industry recognised software packages.

We do this by:

-RoCoF studies
-Load flow and reactive power curves
-Fault ride through studies
-Frequency response and dynamic analysis
-System modeling and data capture
-Harmonic studies of network and generation technologies
-P28 voltage dip and flicker studies


Our unique skill set allows us to address complex design challenges. Our chartered engineers with power systems modeling capabilities can carry out all specialist electrical engineering studies.

What we do:
– Electrical distribution system modeling
– Fault level studies
– Earthing grid design studies
– Protection and co-ordination
– Insulation co-ordination
– Lightning protection
– Surge arrestor specification
– Harmonic filter design and specification
– Transformer inrush studies and mitigation design


Once the design is complete, we can assist you in supplying solutions to ensure your installation is technically compliant.

What we supply:
– Harmonic Filters
– Pre-Insertion resistors
– Active and Passive Solutions
– Point on Wave switching systems
– Asynchronous breaking technologies
What we do:
– Preparation of design documentation
– Pre-Commissioning
– Commissioning
– Troubleshooting
– Maintenance

"Having proven skills in analytical studies and simulation model development using specialist grid code compliance software has allowed us support the design and build teams on renewable generation projects including wind and solar"
Leo Fitzgearld, Electrical Engineer, Premium Power

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