Power Monitoring Expert 9.0

Premium Power are a Schneider Ecoxpert partner. In fact we have been supplying, commissioning and integrating these systems since 2001.

The newest version of PME, version 9 is a leap-forward in what was already the worlds most powerful energy and power quality management system, bar none. PME 9.0 adds a range of new features including cyber security, alarm management and third party integration.

Premium Power’s massive experience gives clients peace of mind that the best possible solution will be delivered, on time and on budget.


Power Monitoring Expert

gives insight into electrical power quality and energy efficiency so you can make informed decisions keep your site reliable and cost efficient.

Optimize business reliability and continuity

  • Understand the cause of power quality disturbances affecting your electrical system, using advanced power forensics including smart alarm clustering and graphical events timeline
  • Identify power event patterns to avoid or mitigate future occurrences Monitor protection settings to ensure proper isolation of faults to avoid system wide power outages
  • Analyze the aging of breaker contacts to avoid failures and enable proactive maintenance
  • Track system capacity to avoid overloads and make sure backup power systems are able to handle loads in case of an outage

Open, scalable architecture

PME connects to smart devices across your electrical system – power and energy meters, protective relays and circuit breakers, RTUs and PLCs, VSDs, UPS, and PQ mitigation equipment – and integrates with process control systems and many other enterprise platforms.

Convert data to action

Customizable and intuitive web interface allows real-time power and equipment monitoring. Use PME to track KPIs for energy and reliability, or share energy, sustainability, and PQ metrics with stakeholders. Apply advanced power quality analysis to ensure reliable network operation, equipment performance, and reduced network outages.

Simplify reporting and compliance

  • Align with energy efficiency and green building standards(e.g. ISO50001/2, SEP, LEED, NABERS)
  • Track energy performance indicators (EnPI) as per ISO50006(e.g. kWh/ton, kg of CO2/ton, kWh/m3 of water pumped)
  • Verify utility/grid service and internal compliance to power qualitystandards (e.g. EN50160, IEEE519, ITIC)
  • In healthcare facilities, ensure regulatory compliance with backuppower system testing (e.g. NFPA110 and others)
  • Comply with common IT practices (password management,whitelisting, preferred browser) and align with cybersecurity bestpractices (e.g. IEC62443 SL1)

Keep people and assets safer

  • Monitor breaker protection settings and ensure proper breaker operation and fault isolation to avoid safety hazards
  • Operate breakers remotely to minimize exposure to arc-flash risk
  • Detect abnormal conditions, such as rising busbar temperatures, that represent a risk to safety and operations
  • Protect user safety in hospital operating rooms by monitoring and locating circuit insulation faults

Premium Power – the complete Service Offering


  • Specifying and supplying all metering devices gives us full visibility of the entire planned network and allows an optimum solution design.
  • Early involvement allows the overall system network be documented and overall drawings of system block layout and network schedule be produced.
  • Full system network communication requirements can be managed and requirements in terms of switches and racks be finalised and specified.


  • Liaising with the switchgear providers to ensure that wiring, signal status and communication wiring are confirmed and signed off prior to site commissioning. This can save a lot of  time later.  Incomplete/ Incorrect wiring can happen quite routinely .


  • As we stock spare devices time can be dramatically saved. This also aids troubleshooting and ensures that commissioning can be completed in the shortest possible time.
  • Meter firmware and metering setup can be customised for an Out-of-the-box version.

Post Commissioning Client Support

  • Crucially the  client has single contact for all issues relating to the PMS.
  • Our in depth device knowledge and troubleshooting tools when identifying source of communication / system problems.
  • Meter firmware can be updated to latest versions ensuring that they are supported with future power monitoring software versions.
"With so many meter suppliers and metering systems on the market today it is important that the client gets the best fit in terms of value engineered metering matching their particular network and load demands. Analysis of metering data in an efficient manner is an important consideration when making any investment in hardware".
Alan O'Kelly, Senior Engineer

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