Electrical Risk Management

Feasibility Design Studies

Planning the development or upgrade of an electrical distribution systems is a challenging undertaking. Our front end engineering studies utilise load flow simulations to ensure that your project requirements can be met with your existing electrical infrastructure. This is sometimes neglected in a standard design approach but is a crucial step. We will advise if alterations to your distribution system are required and how they can be implemented. When clients are pursuing cost effective solutions we will provide certainty on budget costs and technical viability.

Technical Due Diligence

Our clients can require technical due diligence at any stage of the project lifecycle. We will provide technical due diligence that is impartial and reliable that draws on first hand practical and consulting experience of project delivery. We will provide clear, responsive and reliable technical advice to provide certainty and peace of mind.

Conducting a electrical risk assessment

We conduct electrical risk audits to identify and rate potential failures and risk reduction measures. Risk treatments are offered as practical implementations and action plans.

  • System Auditing¬† why do a electrical risk managment
  • System Monitoring
  • System Protection
  • Surge and Lightning Protection
  • Wiring and Grounding
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • System Design and Availability
  • Post Occupancy verification of system performance
Electrical Risk Management Process



"We can assist at all stages of your project, working as a member of your team, providing independent engineering consultancy or leading your project from the front."
Andrew Hogan, Senior Electrical Engineer

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