Active Network Management

Anyone who bears responsibility for the operation of an electrical system on an industrial site knows that there are many day to day challenges and questions which can arise. Where are specific electrical loads fed from? What is the redundancy arrangement? What are the protection settings for circuit breakers or switches? One resource that will help answer all of these questions is a model of your electrical network system.

Premium Power’s Active Network Management and Analysis Service allows for rapid access to a modelled simulation of your electrical system for power analysis studies. This is especially helpful whenever the site is subjected to any changes affecting the electrical network. Once the new (or proposed future) network data is applied to the model, (subject to data availability and development stage of the model) electrical safety, reliability and design projects can be fast-tracked. This modern approach to electrical engineering helps:

  • Eliminates unnecessary errors and helps manage risks
  • Centralised location for management of electrical assets
  • Aids in the planning of switching scenarios.
  • Avoid costly unplanned downtime
  • Aids decision making at conceptual and FEED stages for new projects
  • Prevent over-engineering and costly budget reassessment

Customers who use Active Network Management

  • Facilities with critical power environments
  • Processes who rely on high power availability, power reliability and power quality.
  • Data centres, high tech manufacturing facilities such as pharmaceutical, bioprocess, medical device and foot and beverage.
  • Facilities who need to actively manage electrical safety risks such as the oil and gas sector
  • Engineering managers who wish to keep track of their electrical network easily
  • Facilities who intend to upgrade parts of their network in the near future
  • Facilities seeking to reduce risks of outages or prevent faults
Active Network Management For Industrial Sites

How does it work?

An electrical model is a mathematical description of specific electric system components, formatted using software tools for use of ‘what if’ tests and simulations to predict the response of the electrical system under various conditions. Electrical models are generally used at acquisitions or design stage, but applying active network management throughout the life cycle of a facility can bring many benefits.

Electrical models provide a snap shot in time of what can be a continually changing system. By keeping the model up to date and mirroring the actual electrical system, the electrical network model can be a valuable asset in ensuring the efficiency, reliability and safety of an electrical system. The ability to accurately analyse an electrical network depends heavily on the accuracy of the network model.

Premium Power’s Active Network Model Service

  • Up to date model of your electrical network
  • Access to skilled power systems engineers to handle technical complexities on the network
  • Allows for upgrade or addition of equipment to network based on most accurate predictive analysis
  • Better power quality, reliability and sustainable energy use
  • Storage of electrical design in a centralised controlled location
  • Access to model information from desktop or laptop
  • No need to purchase expensive licensing for modelling softwares

What’s included in Active Network Model Service

  • An experienced power systems analysis engineer fully familiar with your site
  • License agreement to support and maintain your particular model with latest version of modelling software
  • License agreement to cover any specific software analysis modules particular to your site
  • All model alterations and calculations verified by senior engineer and compliant with our ISO9001 quality certified work practices
  • Consultation on any developing projects, including troubleshooting and immediate response for urgent matters
  • Detailed reports from power systems analysis studies complete with recommendations, presented to the client.
  • The following analysis and services can be provided
    • Load Flow Studies
    • Short Circuit
    • Protective Device Coordination
    • Arc flash Studies
    • Motor Starting and Inrush
    • Harmonic Analysis & Filter Sizing
    • Reactive power compensation & PFC sizing
    • Substation Ground Grid Analysis
    • DC System Analysis
    • N-x Contingency analysis
  • Electrical Design
    • Installation of switchgear / cables / protective devices designed as per the relevant standards.
    • Correct sizing of electrical equipment considering electric shock / electrical short circuit and arc flash is imperative to a safe electrical network.

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