Power, Oil & Gas

The power oil and gas industries supply our economy with a consistent and reliable fuel source, allowing our manufacturing, agriculture and service industries to grow. While advancements have been made in renewable energies, the overwhelming source of our current energy supply comes from the oil and gas industries. Premium Power offer expert analysis in these fields.

offshore exploration and option licences issued in Ireland 2014
barrels of oil thought to be in oil field off coast of Co. Cork
of Ireland's energy fuelled by oil and natural gas

Premium Power has worked on a number of energy projects such as energy-from-waste plants and traditional power plants, to generation from alternative supplies such as wave, solar and wind. All of these projects have sought expert power analysis, power quality reviews and front end design and energy consultancy from our expert electrical engineers and data analysts.

Read our case study to find out about the work we carried out on the Shell Corrib gas terminal, Co Mayo to determine if earthing grids installed at the facility were compliant with IEEE80.

"For complex facilities like those in the oil, gas and power industries to thrive, regular preventative maintenance is required. Studies ranging from PQ analysis, earthing and power systems analysis can ensure a robust, resilient site as well as enhance a facility's electrical safety conditions."
Alan O'Kelly. Premium Power Director

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