Data Centre Solutions

Resilient and safe electrical power distribution systems are critical to data centre operations and consumer trust. We have worked with data centres for over 15 years, supporting growth, assisting in expansion and providing technical solutions to ensure that our data centre Client’s electrical infrastructure is reliable, future-proofed and operates within its designed parameters.

We offer a range of services to the Data Centre industry including:

Power Quality StudiesHarmonic Distortion

What differentiates us from others is our focus on analysing power quality data and expert knowledge to recommend/design a solution capable of mitigating against the source of the interruption. We stand over our solutions and offer post-delivery commissioning and check visits.

Power Monitoring Meters and Software

We were the first to introduce the ION brand of power meters into Ireland. We are now the only consultancy in the region certified as Critical Power EcoXpert for the Schneider Electric StruxureWare PowerLogic ION branded meters and PME software.

Power Systems Modelling and Arc Flash Analysis

We have conducted IEEE 1584 arc incident energy calculations and designed arc flash hazard mitigation for many large data centre facilities across Europe. Understanding the complex nature of advanced power systems and helping clients understand the safety risks around arc flash hazard is our strength.

Electrical Hazards, Safety Training and SafeSite

Our Electrical Health and Safety experts advise on electrical risk assessments and assist Clients in integrating arc flash hazards into electrical safety programmes. To further support our Clients on site our team delivers certified electrical safety training to workers.

Risk Management and Maintenance

We advise clients on all aspects of electrical risk management including design, construction, operation, risk assessment and preventative maintenance plans. The increased use of sensitive electronic process equipment has increased the demand for these services in recent years. Our post design/occupancy risk analysis identifies critical operational issues that would not normally be captured during power system commissioning or maintenance.

Power Reliability

This includes power systems design (for upgrades), capacity planning, failure mode evaluation analysis and system studies such as Load Flow, Short Circuit and Protection Coordination. We also implement Power Quality solutions to ensure the integrity of the sites power quality does not deteriorate.

Power Resilience

Premium Power design, supply, integrate and commission UPS, Power Factor correction and Harmonic mitigation solutions.

Energy Efficiency

We offer powerful energy monitoring solutions and software systems to understand energy consumption.


"We provide services to data centres in the areas of power analysis, power quality, harmonic filters, power factor correction, voltage stability and arc flash. We understand the sensitive nature of this work and have built a trusting relationship with our data centre clients."
George Mokl, Senior Electrical Engineer

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