Advanced Manufacturing

Ireland has a reputation as a centre of manufacturing excellence, with a large number of high-end and highly skilled advanced manufacturing facilities located here. Specialist manufacturing and processing of high value product, require mission critical electrical distribution systems, which Premium Power specialise in.

reduction in downtime by using a maintenance programme
of downtime caused by power failure
lost annually in EU due to power quality issues

 High end manufacturing sites can be vulnerable to production loss with unplanned outages.  Such companies require specialist management of electrical assets. This includes semiconductor, IT hardware producers, plastics extrusion and cement manufacturing industries.

We specialise in post construction auditing of electrical infrastructure. Ensuring that the power system is built, commissioned and operating as per requirements has been proven to deliver cost savings with increased efficiencies and prevented downtime.

Auditing electrical systems and integration of arc flash and electrical safety programs are services popular for this sector.

"We are seeing a number of hi-tech manufacturers reporting issues with VSDs and harmonics. Our extensive power quality and harmonic analysis of a facility's electrical distribution network allows us to detail efficient design, resolve the issues and ensure the future reliability of the electrical network."
Michal Sopocko, Senior Electrical Engineer

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