Power Quality is more problematic than ever. This is increasingly the case as modern industrial and data centers use equipment that is both very sensitive to poor power quality and also a contributor of harmonic distortion.

Our Expertise in Power Quality

Power Quality Survey
Fig 1. Harmonic Distortion.

Premium Power is an electrical consultancy. We have extensive expertise with monitoring, diagnosis and mitigation of Power Quality problems across many industries. Typically our studies consist of:

  • Temporarily installing intelligent power meters in the electrical network
  • Tracking harmonic injection levels, Sags/Swells and transients.
  • Collecting power data over a period of 2-3 weeks
  • Analyzing collected data and issuing a detailed report
  • Establishing Remedial measures to remove the harmonics from the system

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Permanent Power Quality Management

At Premium Power we specialise in:

  • Permanent installation and integration of advanced metering and software solutions such as the PME system
  • Detailed analysis of collected power quality data
  • Reporting and issuing corrective action directives
  • Training engineers to analyse the data themselves

State-of-the-art Equipment

We here at Premium Power set high standards for ourselves in every aspect of our business so we only use and maintain to the highest standards a range of Power Quality Analyzers.