How Covid-19 is Affecting Industries

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to slow economies around the world, demands on electrical infrastructures for domestic, industrial and commercial energy increases. Datacentres, manufacturing facilities and pharmaceuticals are all experiencing a surge in energy requirements to try meet the new needs of consumers. Now more than ever we need a reliable, efficient and safe energy supply to keep hospitals running, facilitate remote working to keep businesses open and employees paid, and to keep the lines of communication open between those most isolated. 

For most companies this is uncharted territory. Utility companies are being faced with difficult questions like, Can the grid cope? Is there a risk to supply? Can essential maintenance works go ahead and still abide by the new social distancing rules? 

Manufacturing and pharmaceutical facilities who have been classed as essential and are continuing to work, might find power supply has been affected due to the unprecedented strain on the system during this pandemic. 

A large portion of society is now required to work from home in a bid to limit the spread of infection, for a data centre, a drop in service now when people need them the most would have disastrous effects. The demand on digital communication services like videoconferencing and e-commerce is rising quickly, and as part of our core digital infrastructure we rely on data centres to maintain an uninterrupted service.

Employees and workloads have been reduced across all industries to meet the government guidelines. The last thing anyone needs right now is to suffer more downtime due to power supply.

How we can help

This is where Premium Power can help. We can ensure you have a reliable, efficient and safe power supply that can adapt to your growing needs. Modern power electronics are susceptible to power supply variations. Some can be addressed with a simple fix, while others require a more complex design solution. We strive to project manage your power quality issues all the way from identification through to solution. Our three main areas of expertise in relation to power quality are power quality surveys, power quality monitoring and power quality solutions. Carrying out regular studies on your power system is vital for identifying possible faults, ensuring reliability and practising electrical safety.

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